Commercial Property Management Services in Killeen Texas

by Administrator 27. September 2010 16:08

When you plan to lease out your commercial property or you wish to get a commercial property on rent, there can be various issues that you may have to face. For property owners, it can be a headache to find the right people to rent out their premises. At the same time, they would like to have a specialist do all the paper work for them. Commercial property seekers want to get the best deals for the best available spaces. This is where services from a Commercial Property Management Company come into play.

There are various services provided by John Reider Properties, pioneers in Property Management Services in Killeen and Harker Heights, Texas. We at John Reider Properties assist our clients in:

  • Marketing their commercial property to prospective tenants.
  • Short listing tenants for commercial property through pre-defined and already proven system.
  • Negotiating lease amount and various terms/conditions with tenants.
  • Lease documentation and associated paper work preparation on behalf of our client.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of commercial property.
  • Financial services including timely rent collection and owner representations at various agencies.

Why do you need a property management company to manage your commercial property?

Well, there are many reasons for the same. A reputed property management company has huge database of people looking for commercial spaces. Based on your criteria, the firm can shortlist various tenants for your property. The property management firm also takes off your tension of doing all the paper work. The firm makes sure all paper work done is in order and in case of any issue, the firm also represents the property owner. Property Management Company also makes sure that rent is collected on time and the property is kept in accordance to lease agreement.

It is important to rope in a reputed Property Management Company that provide specialized services. We at John Reider Properties specialize in commercial lease and property management and there are wide array of services that we undertake. You can stay tension free regarding your property with John Reider Properties Our dedicated and professionally qualified team has wide experience in providing unmatched property management services.

We are located in Harker Heights, Texas and serve areas in and around Harker Heights and Killeen, Central Texas. We not only provide commercial property management services but are also engaged in buying and selling properties. To know more about our commercial property management services, feel free to call us at 254-699-8300 or visit our office at 455E, Central Texas Expressway, Suite No 101, Harker Heights, Texas - 76548

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Tips on Buying, Selling and Leasing Commercial Property in Killeen Texas

by Administrator 20. September 2010 12:58

Real estate properties are basically categorized into two types – residential and commercial. Residential real estate refers to land, an apartment or a housing complex which is meant for residential purpose. They are built in a residential areas and no type of commercial activity except that of home business are allowed in that area. Commercial property on the other hand refers to the land area, which is mainly utilized for commercial purposes. It also consists of shopping complexes, shops, offices, warehouses and so on. Unlike residential property, it is very important that the commercial properties are located at the busy locations. Since they are meant for the commercial purposes, they are usually located at the sides of the streets. Storage and warehouse type of commercial property is usually located on the outskirts of the city where the land cost is comparatively less than in cities.

Commercial property in Killeen, Texas is comparatively much cheaper than in states like NY and California, however, compared to other states, the price is higher. The basic property price depends on the location, surrounding and connecting areas and the city it is located in. Just like in any other US cities, the commercial properties in Killeen, Texas are available for lease or you can buy them.

If you are looking to buy or lease a commercial property, then the first thing which you need to zero in is the budget you wish to spend and the location you are looking at. If you are buying a land, make it not a disputed one or have legal hassles for the business you want to run at that location, and if the property is a building or an apartment complex, then make sure the building is not old enough and is in good condition. If you are taking the property for lease, try to negotiate for the best lease price for a maximum period. If you are in retail business, then buying a commercial property at busy location is much more advantageous than buying them at interior location with not much footfall.

When you plan to sell your commercial property, make sure it is in top condition. Buyers look for value for money they spend and it is important to present the property in best condition. Also make sure there are no legal issues pending against the property. All the government related charges and bills should have been cleared beforehand.

While buying or selling a commercial property in Killeen, it is always advisable to take services of reputed Property Management Company, who have proven track record of excellent services.

We at John Reider Properties, serve Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Fort Hood and other areas in Central Texas. For buying and selling commercial properties, please feel free to contact us.

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What all adds to rental value of commercial property?

by Administrator 13. September 2010 08:52

Real estate has been a point of discussion during the last decade and the returns that an individual can expect from a real estate property is much higher compared to any other fixed or movable assets. Real estate properties are usually categorized into two types – residential and commercial. Residential properties are generally meant for building residential complexes, houses, apartments which a builder can give them for rent or sell them. Commercial property, on the other hand, is a piece of land or a commercial building or warehouse etc which is used for the commercial purpose. They consist of buildings meant for office spaces, shopping malls, hotels, retail stores, or other business units. Commercial properties are different from residential and therefore, there are many factors which decide the rental value of commercial property.

One of the major factors which play a crucial role in deciding the rental value is the location of the commercial property. If the commercial property is located at a prime location in the city, it costs you more than those which are located at the suburbs. Even in the prime location, the commercial property located at the main street could cost you more than those located three or four streets behind. The rental value of a commercial property varies from one city to another in a state or from one state to another. For example, renting a commercial property in Killeen, TX could cost you more than renting the same piece of land in Belton, TX. In the same way, renting a commercial property in TX State could cost you more than those in Pennsylvania.

Another major factor that could play a decisive role in deciding the rental value is the long lease period. Sometimes, the lease period of a property lasts for more than 10-15 years; however, the price of the property may fluctuate during this period due to several factors. It may be possible that you are paying higher or less rent during this period due to price fluctuation.

Commercial property plays an important role in the development of an area. They become the landmark and can directly influence the price of a land.

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How To Get Best Rental Rates For Your Home

by Administrator 6. September 2010 15:15

Killeen and Harker Heights are the most popular destinations in Central Texas. With growth in business in and around Central Texas, people are opting for residential property – either through buying or through renting the various options available. Apartments, Condos, and built up houses are the most popular residential property types that people prefer. For property owners it is important to maintain their residential property to get the maximum rent.

To start with, as a property owner you should seek advice of a reputed Property Management Agency, who after taking a look at the property will suggest various measures that you can opt, to help you in getting the best possible rental rates.

Depending on the property, you may be required to do certain fixes, like repairing the wash rooms, toilet seats, cleaning the windows, repairing the kitchen shelves and cabinets. If your house has not been white washed/ painted for years, you may need to get it done. Remember, the quality of your property will be judged by how well you have maintained it. Not only from the inside, your house should look excellent from the outside as well. A well trimmed lawn or outdoors gives an excellent impression of the property. The fence, outer walls, windows, doors etc should be well painted and maintained.

A thorough check should be made to make sure that there are no leaks or pest problems. If there are any, they should be taken care of immediately. If you are offering fully-furnished property, do make sure that the equipments you are offering should be in working condition and should not look shabby.

For more details on how to get the best rental value for your residential property, feel free to call us at 254.699.8300.

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