Commercial Property Options in Killeen

by Administrator 25. October 2010 15:59

Killeen is a city located at the Bell county in Texas, USA. With a population of 120,000 people in the state, the city is mainly habitat by the containment of Fort Hood. Fort Hood military base is in fact the reason of highest employer in the city followed by schools, colleges, hospital and various departmental stores. Buying a commercial property in Killeen is a challenging task. Commercial property refers to the real estate property which is mainly being used for commercial purposes like commercial establishments, such as businesses, departmental stores, shops and other establishments.

If you are looking for investing in commercial property, make sure that you buy the properties at prime location. The location of the property plays a crucial role in deciding its value. Try to buy the property nearer to the main roads, as the value of the properties at the main roads is much higher than those at the interior lanes. Most of the owners of commercial property lease them out for long terms. If your property is located at the prime land, then you may find some of the big corporate seeking it on rent/lease. In that case, you can expect continued revenue being generated from the property on a consistent basis.

Businessmen who are looking to get a commercial property on lease for a long term, they need to research a little before entering into the final agreement. They need to make sure that the title of the property is clear and has no disputes. Apart from the location, a buyer is also required to look for other amenities being provided in the property. Doing a thorough research about the property including the price is a good practice. For this, they can visit Real Estate agencies like John Reider Properties to find about different options for commercial property available for the buyers.

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Killeen Real Estate: A Great Investment Option

by Administrator 19. October 2010 14:10

Killeen, also known as a buddy poppy city is nowadays becoming the most favorable option among the people to make their residence in. The best serving reason for this is the fastest growth of the city. Isn’t Killeen sounding an interesting real estate option to invest in? So, here are some more details to make you better familiar with this city. 

Killeen is a city of approx 100,000 residents, which is situated in Bell County, Texas and is the main centre of attraction in Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood Metropolitan Statistical Area. Killeen is also bordering to Fort Hood, so you are no more far off to the largest Army post in the U.S. Hence, the economy of this city to the maximum relies on the post, the soldiers, and also their families that reside there. Various other businesses have mushroomed up in Killeen and the city is on its way to become one of the economical hubs of Texas.

Killeen is actually surrounded by many famous cities like Fort Hood, Southwest Bell, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Kempner, Nolanville, Salado, and Belton. Killeen real estate offers many different types of residential investments like luxury homes, condos, apartments, and homes in golf course community, gated communities, multi unit, townhomes, lots, duplexes, triplexes, and land.

Killeen is one of the best places to invest in Texas as the city has been marked as a destination to provide most affordable housing facility, which is even seen very much below the national median of the country.

Other main attractions of Killeen are stock car racing, Central Texas College, its University, rodeos, various different dining options, numerous shopping and entertainment opportunities, parks and recreation opportunities, various water skiing areas, several pools and slides, boat rentals, picnic sites, Stonetree golf course, Sierra Beach of Belton Lake just at a distance of 20 miles towards the east of Killeen etc. It is really a perfect place to reside with great weather and great housing opportunities.

To know various Real Estate investment options in Killeen, please contact us at 254.699.8300. We at John Reider Properties have huge database for commercial and residential properties up on sale. In case you wish to sell your property, please contact us and we can assist you in getting a buyer for the same.

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Getting Commercial Property On Lease In Killeen Texas

by Administrator 11. October 2010 11:27

There can be a number on questions in one’s mind when one wants to take a commercial property on lease. For property owners, it can be a tough task to find the right kind of people who are both dependable and correct. At the same time, everyone wants to have services of a specialist who will be taking care of all the paper work for them. Commercial property seekers want to bag the best deals for the best obtainable spaces.

If a person wants to purchase or lease a commercial property, then the primary thing which one requires is to set up the budget. He has to decide how much money one intends to spend and the location one is aiming at. If one is taking the property for lease, one should put his best efforts to discuss for the best lease price for a maximum period. If one is in retail business, then renting a commercial property at a public location is much more beneficial than doing the same at some remote location which does not get much footfall.

Killeen is fast developing city in Central Texas with soaring economic growth. Commercial property in Killeen, Texas is relatively less expensive than in states like California and New York, however, in comparison to other states, the price is more. The basic property price is dependant on factors such as location, surrounding and connecting areas etc. The commercial properties in Killeen are available for lease but there are few things which should be kept in mind before doing the same.

It is imperative that the commercial properties are situated at the busy locations. Since such places are perfect for commercial purposes, they should by and large be situated on the street side. Warehouse and storage kind of commercial property can be located on the outskirts of the city where the price of land is relatively less than in cities.

While taking a commercial property on lease in Killeen, it is always beneficial to take services of reputed Property Management Company, who have a track record of mind blowing services. They help in getting the best deals at affordable prices. They are also aware of all kind of paperwork which is involved so there are less chances of fraud or cheating. So these things should be kept in mind before taking a commercial property on lease in Killeen

If you are looking to get great locations in Killeen and Harker Heights for your business, just give us a call at 254.699.8300. We at John Reider Properties specialize in Commercial Lease and Rentals.

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Killeen Rentals: Home Rental Tips

by Administrator 5. October 2010 06:18

Killeen is an upcoming city in Central Texas with high economic growth. If you have recently moved to Killeen and are looking to rent a house, then it can be a little challenging job. There is wide variety of home and residential properties available in Killeen. Ranging from independent houses to apartments, you can get it all.

The first thing you must do for renting a house is to conduct a bit of research on the area where you are looking to rent a house. There are various factors that can affect your choice for location. These are:

  • Distance from main city areas like schools, hospitals and markets.
  • How far is your job location?
  • If you want to stay in an apartment or an independent house.
  • Size of your family.
  • Your social status.

After you have shortlisted the location, you should take services of Property Management Agency or Real Estate agent to explore various options available. They usually have huge database of properties available on rent. Once you have zeroed in various locations, an inspection should be conducted to have a look at the property. Do make sure all the electrical, water systems, toilets, kitchen, living area, bedrooms are in perfect condition. In most of the rental agreements, the owner desire that the home should be returned to him in perfectly same condition, so if there is any problem in the house, it should be pointed out initially. After inspection and rental negotiations, you can select the one you need. It is important to thoroughly read the rental agreement before signing it as it may certain clauses which would not be tenant friendly.

If you take services from a reputed Real Estate agent, you can be sure of fair deal. We at John Reider Properties, provide residential properties on rent in Killeen and Harker Heights. Besides dealing in residential and commercial rentals, we also deal in buying and selling of homes and commercial properties. For any Real Estate requirements in Killeen and Harker Heights, please feel free to call us at 254-699-8300.

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