Things To Remember While Buying Residential Property In Killeen Texas

by Administrator 29. November 2010 18:36

If you are looking to buy a residential property in the near future, there are certain vital aspects that you must be acquainted with to make the process a simple one. Buying a house can seem quite a complicated and hassling procedure for many as everyone is bound to spend a lot of time looking for that dream house that appeals to the senses apart from fulfilling practical requirements. It is also important to find a property that lies within your budget range and does not require you to take unnecessary loans that are outside your means.

Some of the points to be kept in mind while purchasing a residential property in Texas are:

You must be sure to take a thorough survey of the house and go through all the rooms, the backyard, the attic, etc. so that you know exactly what you are getting into. You must not make hasty decisions and should visit the property at least three times before you take the final call. It is wiser to hire a home inspector to be better able to judge all the flaws that may be present in the property. This way you can negotiate the price and get your chosen house repaired or at a considerably reduced price.

Before you head out to look at possible properties, you should make a list of the things that you will need in your ideal house. This way you will not compromise on a mediocre property and will be motivated to find the perfect place for you and your family. However, it is important not to too rigid and to consider a house if it fulfills at least seventy percent of your criteria. For example, if you are looking for a front garden and instead chance upon a property with a sprawling backyard, you should go in for it and close the deal.

Even if you succeed in finding the perfect house as per your requirements, you should gather more information about the surrounding area before making the purchase. The kind of neighborhood you end up living in greatly influences the quality of your life. The civic and social infrastructure of the locality should be sound with a school, hospital and grocery being close at hand.

If you are looking for a residential property in Killeen, Harker Heights or other areas in Central Texas, please call us at (254) 699-8300. We at John Reider Properties have huge listings for residential properties in Central Texas.

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Commercial Property Leasing Tips

by Administrator 23. November 2010 14:57

If you are looking for property to rent or are looking for tenants, there are certain considerations that you must keep in mind to ensure that you get a good deal. There can be certain unscrupulous people in the real estate market who may end up cheating or defrauding you if you are not cautious. If it is your first time acquiring a house on rent or renting out a property, it would be quite beneficial to keep the following tips in mind before proceeding to do the same:

If you want to rent a commercial property, you should conduct a study of the prevailing rent in the market for similar properties in that area. If your landlord however asks for a higher price, make sure that it is justified and some added benefits are being offered to you like free electricity, regular touch ups, etc. You must also be aware of the possible infrastructural developments of the surrounding area that may be in the pipeline to correctly determine the rent price.

Before you sign a lease agreement or any other kind of contract in relation to a property, you must hire a specialist to conduct a comprehensive valuation of the premises. The structure should be solid and able to withstand storms and light earthquakes. This is also necessary to find out about any kind of internal damage or small cracks that may be present in the structure thus weakening it.

As a buyer, you must remain cautious if the price offered on a property is simply too good to be true as there is likely to be a catch somewhere. You should not take impulsive decisions while buying or renting properties and wait for awhile until you are entirely sure that there is no discrepancy in the property on sale or rent.

As a seller or landlord, you can make a few repairs and touch ups to your commercial property or home to increase its value in the market. If there is an attached garden or outer area like a patio, make sure it is in good shape as this is the first look that the buyers will be exposed to when they approach to see your property.

We at John Reider Properties, serve Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Fort Hood and other areas in Central Texas. For buying and selling commercial properties, please feel free to contact us.

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Important Points In a Lease Agreement

by Administrator 15. November 2010 05:11

Lease is a written agreement between the property owner and tenant that describes the terms and conditions for renting a home or any other property. As a landlord, it is important to include all the terms of property usage in lease agreement. A typical lease agreement will include the following information:

  • Property Address
  • Nature Of Property
  • Landlord Details
  • Tenant Details
  • Rent To be Charged
  • Due Date for Rent
  • Security Deposit
  • If Pets are allowed and any pet deposits.

Other important elements of lease agreements are:

  • What are late payment charges?
  • When would you call a rental payment to be late?
  • What all rent covers?

One of the basic element of a lease agreement is the tenure of lease. It can be long term or a short term lease. A long term lease has advantages that you don’t have to find another tenant in short span of time. Plus you can be assured of regular rental income for the time of rental agreement. While the disadvantage can be that once the lease agreement is signed by both parties, it stays like that till the end of lease term until changes are made by mutual decision. In case of short term lease agreements, the advantage is that you can change your rentals frequently (when term for lease expires) while the biggest disadvantage is that you will have to search for another tenant in short span of time.

Another important aspect of lease agreement is definition of vacancy clause. This defines the notice period required before vacating the property. As a landlord it is advised to seek a notice for a longer term as it will give you ample time to find new tenant.

Drafting a proper lease agreement containing all the necessary points is quite important. As a landlord it will always pay to hire professionals to draft your lease agreement. Most of the property management companies also help in preparing lease agreements.

For complete solutions to your residential and commercial property management issues including finding tenants and getting into lease agreements, just visit us at John Reider Properties. We are located at 455 E. Central Texas Expwy, Suite 101, Harker Heights, TX 76548 Phone: 254.699.8300

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Harker Heights Real Estate Investment

by Administrator 7. November 2010 17:03

Since the inception time- as a settle American state - Harker Heights always stand against the norms. The culture and history of Harker Heights is blended with Mexican and Native American tradition. Being a Texan city, Harker Heights is a cosmopolitan vibe. The city always carries its own lore, literature, and language. Harker Heights has great natural attractions and being a centre of lot of commercial activities, it has become the most popular real estate investment destination. Owning a home within your budget and needs is not at all a hard job. It is one of the prominent cities of Texas and real estate market is really booming here. As a reason great, number of investors look to this place and its properties as an investment income.

If you have decided to plunge in to the Harker Heights real estate market, it is important to decide first that what type of property or properties you are looking for. This place has wide range of property choices so it is the perfect place to begin your real estate investment. Internet is the best place where you can search for property dealers who are perfect for you. You can get the contact number of them so that you can easily contact with them to know their rate and offers. If you are planning to buy a residential home in Harker Heights, you should speak to the professional real estate agent who can guide you in a best way. Being a commercial real estate market place, Harker Heights provides you many avenues where you can pursue your real estate investment business.

Property value is increasing and this is the golden time to invest in real estate market. Investing in Harker Heights now can help you in gaining considerable profits in times to come. As a buyer you must know the right time of buying a property in Harker Heights and since, this market is the buyer market so you can easily own a property at a reasonable price.

We at John Reider Properties provide buying and selling services to our clients. Please feel free to contact us with your requirement, we have variety of already constructed and under-construction (residential and commercial properties) across Harker Heights. You can contact us at - 254.699.8300

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