What All Includes In Property Management Services For Commercial Properties

by Administrator 28. December 2010 10:13

Commercial properties include those properties where the proprietor or lessee is permitted by law to conduct a business and earn profits out of it. The decision regarding the purchase of a residential property is largely personal and depends on whether you are able to see yourself living at a particular place or not. However, with commercial properties, a lot of planning and statistical evaluation is required and the choice in this case cannot be made lightly. It is advisable to hire property management services when you wish to enter the commercial real estate market. Property management services in case of commercial properties will include the following:

  • The firm will first ask for details regarding the business you wish to run in a certain property and the purpose you require it for before narrowing down your search to a few suitable ones. You can submit a certain criteria for the kind of property you want and ask your property manager to scout for the same. An assessment for your budget is also required before you invest in commercial property. Property managers then provide a list of suitable locations of the properties in accordance with your wishes.
  • Property managers can also be instrumental in helping you to provide finance for the commercial property you require whether you wish to buy it or take it up on rent. They can aid in completing the documentation required for acquiring loans and furnish suitable sources for finance. So, even if you do not have enough money, you can still obtain a property to your liking with the help of good property management services.
  • Property managers have the requisite know how regarding exactly how much a property should be worth and help you find good deals by negotiating the list price. They compare it with the prices and trends prevailing in the market and offer good advice on what commercial properties to invest in. They help you make decisions backed by strong statistics and figures to ensure that you make the correct choice. You are saved from making emotional or whimsical choices that you are bound to regret later on.
  • Property Management firms take care of legal work, rental collection, property upkeep and other necessary services required to manage a property.

We at John Reider Properties, serve Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Fort Hood and other areas in Central Texas. For renting, buying, selling and managing commercial properties, please feel free to contact us.

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Important Point To Be Considered While Formulating a Rent Lease

by Administrator 20. December 2010 13:25

A lease agreement is usually signed between a landlord and a lessee when a certain property has to taken on a rent lease. It is very important to have documentary evidence of a lease agreement in a detailed form so that it can be of help in case any conflicts arise in the future. In case there is any kind of disagreement regarding the lease taken later on, neither the land lord nor the tenant will have to waste his/her time visiting courts of law and getting embroiled in legal controversies as the lease agreement will have taken care of all possible eventualities. You should thus hire a suitable lawyer while signing a lease agreement so that you are absolutely clear about the legalities of the contract that you are getting into. You should also keep the following points in mind while formulating such an agreement:

  • If you are the lessee, you must be absolutely certain that the person who is leasing out a property to you is the actual and true owner of the property. The lease agreement should also state this fact and provide documentary proof of the same so that you are sure of not being defrauded in any way.
  • Apart from containing the figure of the amount of rent, it will be in the interest of both the contracting parties to also write in the date on which it is to be paid in the rental lease. This will help avoid conflicts and issues and help set up a systematic method of rent payment.
  • The rental lease should also clearly state the penalties to be borne by either party in case any of them wants to end the agreement before it officially comes to an end. The course of action to be taken should be listed while formulating the agreement.
  • Another important point that must be covered in the rent lease is the question of how much authority the owner of the property has of visiting it while the tenant is staying there. It should be decided if due permission of the tenant will have to be taken every time the landlord wants to visit the property for any reason.

 We at John Reider Properties, serve Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Fort Hood and other areas in Central Texas. For renting, buying and selling commercial properties, please feel free to contact us.

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Hiring Property Management Company

by Administrator 13. December 2010 16:19

Managing a property can be a full time job and difficult to handle alone especially if you are a novice in this field. If you are looking to buy or sell a property, you may go by the book and pay a visit to the site in order to make up your mind whether to purchase the said property or not. However, as an amateur, you may not be able to see some of the hidden faults of the property and only an experienced property management firm can reveal these to you so that you can avoid making a huge mistake. It is vital not to make a hurried decision and even if you are a little unsure, you should employ a property management firm to conduct business for you.

If you are looking to rent out your property, property management firms can help you in avoiding a lot of ugliness that may be a part and parcel of dealing with uncooperative tenants. They can help collect timely payments from them and assure you a stress free life. Apart from this, there may also be certain clauses in your rent agreement that you expect your tenant to follow. However, it may be very difficult for you to visit your property from time to time especially if you live in another state altogether. This is where a property management firm can help in a big way. They can conduct surprise checks and send their professionals to inspect the property from time to time in order to see whether the contract is being upheld properly or not. You will be able to get regular reports without even having to visit the premises.

Another great thing about hiring property management firms is that you need not get yourself acquainted with the legal framework governing properties and can completely rely on them to do the needful. In many states like Texas, there are detailed laws that have to be followed while dealing in property along with the maintenance of proper records. A property management firm can help out in this regard and complete all the documents required for buying, selling and renting properties. They also help in securing amazing deals for you as they have high negotiation skills from years of practice.

We at John Reider Properties provide complete services for property buying/ selling and rentals. For great deals, just call us at: 254-699-8300

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Commercial Rentals Harker Heights

by Administrator 7. December 2010 11:51

Harker Heights is an area of booming business opportunities where it can be quite profitable to start a commercial venture. If you are looking to acquire a property on rent in this area however, you should be aware of some important points that will stand you in good stead once you are in the market for such a property.

  • Before you take a commercial property on rent in the Harker Heights area, you should first determine the time period that you will need the property for. If you intend to stay for a long time and run a permanent business from your chosen commercial property, you should negotiate for a rental agreement spanning over a few years. On the other hand, in case you only intend to stay for a short period, you should enter into a short term agreement as rental agreements are binding on both parties and difficult to get out of once signed.
  • You should be aware of the kind of landlord you are going to have and their proper contact information so that they can be approached if you find any discrepancies or problems with the commercial property you have taken on rent.
  • In case of a commercial property, it is vital to enquire about the parking facilities that are going to be made available to you by the property owners. These elements may be included in your main rental contract or in a separate contract according to which you may have to pay rental fees for the designated parking space assigned to your business.
  • You should be completely familiar with the rules and regulations governing the flouting of a rental contract. In the case of some contracts, if you wish to discontinue your contract, the security amount you may have deposited with your landlord may be lost. The contract may also require you to give prior notice before vacating your commercial property so that new tenants can be found by the landlord.

In case you do not have much knowledge of the real estate market, you should consider hiring a good property management firm that specializes in commercial rentals.

We at John Reider Properties, serve Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Fort Hood and other areas in Central Texas. For renting, buying and selling commercial properties, please feel free to contact us.

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