Sell Your Home Checklist

by Administrator 21. July 2014 10:44

The real estate market is always full of prospective buyers who are looking for good quality property to buy. If you want to sell your home quickly and get a good price for it, you need to make sure that your property is likeable and attractive enough for buyers to take notice and consider as a viable option. You just cannot make your home available for sale the way it is; you need to put in a fair amount of work to make it more desirable and ensure that it presents an impression which is favorable for potential buyers. The following checklist can point you towards the right direction when it comes to what you need to do to make sure that your home sells fast and for a good price.

  • Pricing – The first important decision that you have to make before you put up your home for sale is the price you want for it. You can easily get a competitive market analysis done by a real estate agent, where you can see the kind of pricing that properties similar to yours are being made available at. Considering that and the salient features of your home, you should set a price which is realistic and makes the property an attractive purchase. Avoid overpricing or under pricing your house as this can set off red flags with potential buyers.
  • Look and Feel – The next most important thing to do is to make sure that your house looks and feels fresh, new and attractive. To achieve this, you might have to make more than a few changes to your house. You need to step into the shoes of a buyer and inspect your house for every flaw or imperfection and then make sure that you get all of them repaired. Also, make sure that you remove all clutter from the house by removing excess furniture and appliances. A new coat of paint is also advisable to give it a fresh look.
  • Home Inspection – Before you enlist your house for sale, you might want to get a professional home inspection done. Getting professional home inspection will clearly tell you what the problems are with your house and advice you regarding the best way to overcome those problems before you make your house available for sale.

Following this checklist is a great way to ensure that your house gets sold smoothly and you get a rewarding price for the sale.

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Property Management In Harker Heights TX

by Administrator 14. July 2014 12:22

If you own a property, be it residential or commercial, managing it for sale or finding a tenant for rent can be very time consuming and exhausting. With busy work schedules and daily chores people hardly find enough time to manage their own property, effectively. Leasing out the property has its own problems as people do not find time or resources to attend to any property related issue. Plus there is a headache of running after tenants for monthly rents, issues with the house, finding new tenants and regular property management.

Owing to the latest trend, more and more people are seemingly interested in hiring a property management firm to oversee their property for them. Hiring a property management company to maintain your property is a very profitable situation as you save time, feel more at ease and are ensured that your property is in safe hands. If you live in Harker Heights TX and have a property to be leased out, you can consider hiring John Reider Properties. A property management firm can offer great benefits for residential as well as commercial properties and here are some details.

For Residential Properties

A property management company properly advertises and leases out your property and minimizes the vacancy time. They perform complete screening of the tenants, verify their income and perform background checks before selecting them as your tenants. They ensure timely and full collection of the rent and provide updates to you regarding the condition of your property.  Properties are regularly inspected and property managers coordinate the maintenance and repair work, and provide twenty for hour emergency services. This helps in gaining tenants trust and confidence which most likely leads to renewal of leases, hence better tenant retention. Your property stays in good shape even if you stay overseas and you save yourself from any legal lawsuits as property managers have all knowledge of landlord-tenant laws.

For Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners should hire property management companies to build their reputation in the marketplace and increase the property performance. Property Management company undertakes all the responsibilities like landscaping, maintenance, electrical, plumbing, roof, maintenance of walls and appliances. A property manager understands the commercial needs of the owner and suitably performs repair and renovation works according to market needs. They maintain accounting and tax records to keep financial statements in place. They also monitor the tenant activities and respond to any queries that they may have. While keeping good relations with repair companies and contractors they take a holistic approach towards real estate management and work towards it by establishing friendly relations between owners and tenants.

Property managers maintain residential and commercial properties and provide services which are beneficial to both, the tenants and clients. Hiring property managers is a right move for you in order to ensure that your property is well maintained.

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