Staging Your Rental Home In Killeen

by Administrator 24. June 2015 13:47

While putting up your home for rent, staging is the most important step. It places your property on the market and gives potential tenants a chance to view your home. There are various points that you must keep in mind before putting up the ‘For Rent’ sign. You can also consider hiring professional property manager to effectively stage your property. Implementing correct staging techniques can make a huge difference in your rental income.

Here are some benefits of staging your rental home in a professional manner:

  • Attract Quality Tenants: Most renters are looking for a place where they can comfortably live in and entertain their guests. If they house is not visually appealing, they might put off the idea of leasing it. With proper staging, you can highlight the positive aspects of your home and help tenants visualize their lives in it.
  • Reduced Vacancy Cycles: Typically, a staged home is likely to be rented much faster as compared to other listed properties. This implies reduced vacancy cycles and a higher rental income for the landlords. These benefits account for a lot more than the initial cost invested to stage the house.
  • Increased Demand: Staging your rental home plays a major role in increasing its demand among the potential tenants. Property managers are highly proficient in how a space can be optimized in the best possible manner so as to enhance its market value. An aesthetically pleasing home is more likely to raise your rental price even when the market is competitive. It can lead to multiple interest by various tenants and increase the asking price.
  • Higher Rent: With staging your rental home, the initial investment is beneficial in terms of the high returns it offers. In a property that looks appealing in the first place, most tenants would be willing to pay a higher rent amount and stay for a longer time. Thus, you will have to face fewer turnovers and the rental income will also be consistent.

If you are planning to rent out your home in Killeen, TX, feel free to contact John Reider Properties. Our property management team will assess every corner of your property and suggest the most practical staging tips. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 8300.

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Commercial Properties For Lease In Harker Heights, TX

by Administrator 11. June 2015 15:01

Making a decision about purchasing a commercial real estate market depends on zonal restrictions, tax implications and expected income from business etc. It is important to weigh all the short term as well as long-term consequences before you sign a commercial lease agreement.

Here are some of the important considerations that you must keep in mind while searching for a commercial property for lease:

  • Finalize The Location: The first and foremost thing that you must deliberate upon is the location of the property. You must do a thorough analysis of the neighborhood, adjacent markets, customer behavior in the area etc. In case you have a retail business, look for things like security and parking area. On the other hand, factories or manufacturers should look for easy connectivity with distributors and transportation services.
  • Decide The Rent And Tenure: Once you sign the commercial lease, you will be liable to pay the monthly rent regardless of whether your business is successful or not. Therefore, you must decide on a monthly rent that is easy to pay. Similarly, the length of the lease term holds equal importance. Ideally, you should opt for a short-term lease with an option for renewal.
  • Other Expenses: Besides the rent, there are a lot of expenses that need to be borne with a commercial lease. These might be related to utilities, garbage clean up, repair and maintenance etc. Make sure you discuss with your landlord if these costs are included in the rent and if not, then who will be responsible to pay the same.
  • Increase In Rent: The lease agreement should clearly mention the amount of rent that would increase and when. This will help you decide on the lease term and also be prepared to pay the increased rent amount.
  • Additional Space: The clauses related to expansion of coverage area in the property should also be stated in the contract. Talk to your property owner about the types of modification allowed and who shall bear the cost for the same.

We, at John Reider Properties, can help you find an affordable commercial property for lease in Harker Heights, TX. For more information, you can call at (254) 699 – 8300.

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