Tips To Make Your Rental Property Pet-Friendly

by Administrator 22. September 2015 09:13

Pet-friendly rental homes are increasingly becoming the norm these days. More and more people now own pets and want a place that is suitable for them as well. Having a rental property that welcomes pets will definitely bring you a lot of prospective tenants. Here are some tips that can help to make your rental property pet-friendly:

  • Having a set of pre-determined rules may not work best in case of pets. You must consider individual cases and accordingly decide on the guidelines for the tenants. For instance, while some pets do not require much space others will need an open area. Therefore, consider the situation of a particular tenant, the type of pet he owns and then make up your mind.
  • You need to be flexible with your pet agreement policy. Frame it in a way that makes it easier to introduce changes. Depending on the type of pet you allow in your property, you can conveniently add or delete clauses in the contract.
  • Ask the tenants to undertake complete responsibility of their pets so that other occupants do not get disturbed. The pets should not be left outdoors without any supervision. They should be kept in a specified area within the rental property.
  • Before you a charge a pet-fee in addition to the security deposit, make sure it is legal in your state. If you are going to levy separate charges from pet owners, make sure they are reasonable and not too high.
  • Getting references from previous landlords for a particular pet-owner is very helpful. This will help you to determine if your prospective tenant is a responsible pet owner and maintains the rental property as well.
  • You must include a clause in your rental agreement that requires all occupants to get their pets vaccinated on time. Most of the states have made it a compulsion to get the dogs vaccinated for Rabies.
  • Sterilizing the pets is another trait of a good pet-owner and you must include this point in your rental agreement. Ask your tenants to get their pets spayed as this helps a lot in their management.
  • If possible, you must meet the pet yourself. This will help you determine whether he is well-behaved or not. You can help to mitigate the fear of property damage and other liabilities.

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Things To Consider When Searching Home For Rent In Killeen

by Administrator 14. September 2015 11:49

Searching a home for rent can be a challenging task. You need to find out the right housing among the seemingly endless options and commit to it for a long period of time, mostly a year. In order to make the entire process a little more manageable, it is essential that you understand its intricacies. You must know what all it takes to select a rental home that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Here are some important factors that you need to consider when searching a home for rent:

  • Location: Whether you need to rent a property in close proximity to certain areas of interest or looking for a specific locality, you must have a general idea about the type of area you want to live in. Do a thorough research about the crime rate of the area, security arrangements, overall environment and neighborhood. Also consider the accessibility to various schools colleges, offices, shopping malls, playgrounds and transportation facilities. This will help to narrow down your search criteria.
  • Rent Amount: The second thing on your list should be the amount of rent you are willing to shell out of your pocket every month. Analyze your monthly income, expenditures and other financial liabilities to settle on a maximum budget for the rent. Make sure you set aside sufficient funds for security deposit, utility bills and maintenance charges.
  • Property Type: Considering your budget and requirements, you must decide upon the type of property that you want to rent. You can choose from apartments, single family units and townhouses. All these are different in terms of rent, occupancy, amenities, privacy, maintenance costs etc. Make sure you weigh your options carefully before making any decision.
  • Lease Term: You should determine the time period for which you are planning to rent the home. Generally, most landlords prefer to rent to tenants who are willing to sign a lease for at least 6 months. If you are looking for a short term rental, your options may be further narrowed down.
  • Amenities: Determine the amenities that you require to live comfortably in the rental home. These may include refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, electrical appliances etc. Make sure you discuss with the landlord about who would be responsible for the maintenance of these appliances. 

If you are looking for an affordable home for rent in Killeen, TX, contact John Reider Properties. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 8300 or visit our office at 455 E. Central Texas Expwy, Suite 101, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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