How To Modernize Landscapes At An Older Rental Property

by Administrator 22. February 2016 06:30

Nicely done landscaping can really add volumes to the look of your property. Updating an older property and its landscape does not necessarily have to be a tedious task. There are some simple tricks to spruce up the landscape at your rental property. Some of these have been discussed below:

  • Reduce the size of shrubs: Start with reducing the size of the tall shrubs. You can also get rid of tall trees that may be hampering the growth of the grass underneath. Make way for modern plant types like bonsai and potted plants.
  • Grow native plants: Instead of old and worn-out bushes, plant native varieties that grow naturally, suit the soil type and require less maintenance. They also look serene the eyes.
  • Have some seating: Add some furniture in your garden. Get weather resistant furniture and experiment with colors as well as styles in upholstery. This will add warmth and beauty to the outside space.
  • Build walkways: Instead of traditional concrete materials, make walkways of natural materials which are available in many colors. Granites, marbles and red bricks are some popular materials that look classy. These will liven up the look of your garden.
  • Use unused places: If there are areas which are barren or there are drainage systems installed, make use of that space by putting attractive garden related accessories or planting climbers. This will brighten up the unattractive portions of the space.
  • Install modern irrigation systems: Change the way you water and manure your lawn. The addition of modern irrigation systems will also help you in maintaining the garden well as well as save on water.
  • Artificial grass: One may opt for artificial turf grass instead of natural one as it gives a lush green look to your garden, all year round. They are low on maintenance and also save on effort as well as time.
  • Less is more: Instead of having too many plant types, too much grass and way too many hedges, it is contemporary to have few elegant plants in attractive pots so the space looks good to the eye.

If you are looking for assistance, consider John Reider Properties. We can help you revamp the look of the landscape and rent your home quickly. For more information, you can call at (254) 699 – 8300 or visit 455 E. Central Texas Expwy, Suite 101, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Affordable Ways To Boost Curb Appeal: Harker Heights Property Management

by Administrator 12. February 2016 13:50

Your home’s exterior can leave a long lasting impression on a potential tenant and is an important factor that can either make or break the deal. Therefore, it is important to improve the curb appeal of your home before listing it for rent.

Following are some affordable ways to boost the curb appeal:

  • Clean it up: The simplest way to enhance the curb appeal is to clean up the area thoroughly. Use a high pressure washer to remove all the dirt and stains from the staircase, driveway, porch etc. Check if the sewage pipes and the gutters are functioning properly. Clogged water pipes or stagnant waste can drive back potential tenants.
  • Install lights: Proper lighting will enhance the beauty as well as safety of your rental home. If it is the festive time, make sure you have some holiday lights up. Elegant lighting will add to the look of your home and also please your potential tenants.
  • Add accessories: You may consider putting up some weather resistant and elegant pieces of accessories like a mailbox, door mat, nameplate etc. which can add to the beauty of your house. Placing ornamental plants is also a good way to refresh the look of the place.
  • Landscaping: Make sure you trim the lawn grass and remove all dead plants as well as shrubs. Add flower beds along the pathway to make the walkway look attractive. Invest in some landscaping so that the tenants view lush green lawn before they enter the home.
  • Paint the area: If the exterior walls have faded or look worn out, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint. Also inspect the garage, entrance door and porch if they need to be repainted.
  • Add furniture: Placing two cane chairs along with a coffee table will help the tenants have a perfect view of the outdoor living space. You can also consider adding dim lights to increase the usability of the area during nighttime.

These minor home improvements can go a long way in making your rental property look aesthetically appealing. Your chances of getting a higher rent may also increase when you present a perfect home.
We, at John Reider Properties, can help to rent out your home in  Harker Heights, TX. For more information about our property management services, you can call at (254) 699 – 8300.

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