Property Maintenance Checklist

by Administrator 21. March 2016 09:26

Landlords need to perform routine inspections and security checks in order to maintain their rental property. It is essential to tackle any underlying issues at the earliest so that you don’t end up spending a lot of money later on.

Below is a checklist for landlords to ensure they inspect all the important aspects of their rental property:

  • Exterior: The landscape, yard or garden of any home increases its curb appeal and therefore it is important to regularly maintain it. Mow the lawn, clean all the dead foliage and put up some decorative seasonal pots. There should be no debris lying in the yard and any trash needs to be cleaned before the tenants move in your rental home. The exterior walls can also be given a fresh coat of paint to make the home look like new.
  • Carpets and flooring: Hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company to get all your carpets and rugs cleaned thoroughly. Wooden floors need to be mopped and polished properly to make them look spic and span. On the other hand, vinyl and ceramic tile floors should be washed and scrubbed properly for a tidier look.
  • Kitchen: All the cabinets, drawers and shelves should be clean and empty. The refrigerator, oven and microwave should be free from grease and dirt. Clean the back of all the movable appliances and look for cobwebs or traces of dirt in every nook and corner. Change any defective kitchen appliance so that it does not pose any safety hazard to the tenants.
  • Windows, blinds and curtains: The opening and closing mechanism of all the windows and doors should be in perfect order. Look for any sort of damage and get it repaired immediately. Clean all the windows and wash or dry clean all the curtains and drapes. Whenever possible, open the windows to let in fresh air and sunlight. This will make your home smell fresh and also give it a spacious look.
  • Bathrooms: All the taps, showers and water outlets in the bathrooms should function properly. Any dripping faucets or leaking taps should be repaired. There should be no traces of scum or mold and the caulk should be smooth. Smaller elements such as towel bars, rings and soap holders etc. should not be damaged. Replace any broken items before tenants move into the property.
  • Put away all your personal items: Do not leave any of your personal items, photographs or mementoes in the rental home. De-cluttering is imperative and all the useless items need to be sold off or stacked away somewhere else.

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Ways To Keep Good Tenants In Your Killeen Rental Home

by Administrator 14. March 2016 11:49

Landlords, particularly those who have previously gone through the renting process, know that it can be a challenging task to find quality tenants. People who stay for a longer duration, pay rent on time and keep the property well-maintained are hard to find. Therefore, the goal of every landlord should be to retain good tenants for as long as possible to avoid property advertizing costs, reduce turnover rate and maximize profit.

Here are some effective ways to keep good tenants in your rental home:

  • Keep your property well-maintained: Tenants prefer living in a home that is well-maintained and attended to by the landlord. If you work towards the proper upkeep of the property, tenants are more likely to feel contented and contribute towards maintaining cleanliness in the house. Make sure that the sidewalks and driveways are cleaned, walls are painted as well as appliances are checked and repaired from time to time.
  • Be responsive and proactive: You must respond to your tenants’ requests and queries in a timely manner. Do not ignore the requests, even if you feel that the issue cannot be handled by you or may take a longer time to be resolved. Rather, be upfront to discuss the problem and its best possible solution with the tenants. Also, you should be proactive in solving any issues that may come up in the near future. For instance, inspect smoke detectors, mow the lawn, replace HVAC filters, check insulation etc.
  • Set your price just below market value: By setting the rent amount a fraction below the current market value, you can retain good tenants for a much longer period of time. There are less likely to vacate the house in search for a similar property at a better price. Also, make minor increases in the rent after consistent intervals instead of a bigger upsurge after a year or two.
  • Allow minor modifications: Permitting your tenants to slightly personalize the rental property will them feel at home. Let them paint the walls in a color of their choice, select their own drapery and curtains, make landscape improvements etc.

We, at John Reider Properties, provide complete assistance in finding and retaining quality tenants for rental homes in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 8300 or visit 455 E. Central Texas Expwy, Suite 101, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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