Benefits Of Townhouses: Killeen Home Rentals

by Administrator 23. April 2016 10:55

Townhouses are multilevel houses that are built on the lines of apartment complexes.  The houses are attached to each other, generally having at least one common wall with a similarly designed home. Killeen, TX offers a host of townhouses for rent in various locations across the city. 

Following are some benefits of renting a townhouse:

  • Multi levels: Townhouses are usually built with two levels in a single home. This helps in separating the home into two different units. With this, you can use the upper level as a play area for kids, without disturbing the entire household. You can also have a balcony, porch and an outdoor space in your townhome. This will not only increase the floor area but also give you a place to relax.  
  • May be used as office space: Since there are two demarcated areas in a townhouse, one can use a portion even as a home office. Privacy is assured in townhouses for those who wish to have a segregated area for their work or official meetings.  
  • Common areas: When you rent a townhouse, you can have access to various common areas including a park, gym, tennis court, club house and swimming pool. The responsibility of the maintenance of these common areas rests with the homeowners’ association. However, you may need to pay a monthly or annual charge for this purpose. 
  • Increased security: The close proximity between the townhouses provide a sense of security to the tenants. Since the walls are shared and all houses are built in a row, there are more chances of interacting with the neighbors. The parking spaces and other amenities are all shared giving ample opportunities for dwellers to interact and engage with each other. It also keeps your house safer as it is easy for others in the area to keep a watch on your home while you are away.
  • Parking: Most townhouses in Killeen have a separate parking area close to the home. Therefore, you do not have to walk a long distance from the parking to your front door. When you have your own garage or parking space adjacent to the home, you can even use it to store toys, gardening equipment and other important items. 

The real estate agents at John Reider Properties can help you find a suitable townhouse for rent in Killeen, TX. For details, you can call at (254) 699 – 8300

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Benefits Of Advertizing Your Killeen Rental Home Online

by Administrator 15. April 2016 10:45

With more and more people accessing the internet to seek nearby services in Killeen, TX, landlords must consider advertizing their rental home online to find tenants quickly. Listing a property on reputed real estate website can help them attract a decent number of prospective tenants. Moreover, online marketing is affordable than the other advertizing methods. However, they must make sure that the listing provides sufficient information about the rental home. 

Listed below are some benefits of marketing a rental home online:

  • Reaches wider audience: An online ad reaches audiences far and wide, ensuring that you can make your property listing seen by a wider range of people. This can significantly increase the chances of finding tenants quickly.
  • Includes images: There is no restriction on the number of words or pictures you may upload along with your ad. This helps you to list down more features and details of the property. You can provide high quality images of your home to catch the attention of the potential tenants. Also, including important details such as rent, property size, location, amenities offered etc. can help you 
  • Multiple sites and options: Online ads give you an option to advertize on multiple portals at the same time. This further enhances your reach. You may also apply multiple techniques to showcase your property. Animations, music, photos, videos, live chats are just some of the many options available at the hands of homeowners.
  • 24/7 advertizing: Online advertizements can be easily accessed at any time and this gives immense flexibility in reaching out to more and more people. Property portals also offer round the clock assistance to clients. This is a better option than putting a yard sign which can only be accessed by potential tenants near your home.  
  • Reduces bottlenecks: Internet gives you the opportunity to interact/chat with potential tenants from the convenience of your home or workplace. You can schedule visit to the property and respond to the tenants’ queries any time you want. You also do not need to get into endless paperwork while posting or modifying your ad. 

Contact John Reider Properties to find quality tenants for your rental home in Killeen, TX. We will use effective strategies to advertize your property and ensure a faster occupancy. Call at (254) 699 – 8300 for more details. 

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