Renting Your Town Home In Killeen

by Administrator 25. May 2016 13:24

Being a landlord can be hectic if you are planning on renting your home by yourself. Also, if you are new to the renting business, you may find it daunting to carry out the task smoothly without all the right information. Listed below are few guidelines that can help to simplify your renting experience.
Compare rents of similar houses
Before deciding the value of your town home, conduct an extensive research about the rents of other houses available in your area. Compare the amenities provided by other properties and those that you can include in your town home to increase its demand in the rental market. Make sure you set a competitive price for the property to attract a large number of potential tenants.

Finishing the repair and maintenance work
You can consider making certain improvements to your house that may increase its demand in the rental market. Paint the house, fix any leaks or cracks, replace bathroom and kitchen fixtures, repair the faulty appliances etc. A property that is well maintained leaves a good impression on the potential tenants.

Follow rules and regulations
Ensure that you adhere to all rules and regulations pertaining to rental properties in Killeen, TX to avoid any kind of conflicts in future. For example, in most jurisdictions, rentals are subjective to taxes. Consult a real estate agent so that you do not miss out on any legal formalities while renting out your town home.

Advertize the property
The probability of finding a tenant depends on the effectiveness of advertizing strategies. List your town home in major online listings to allow potential tenants to browse through the amenities offered in the property. Post clear images and highlight the important features of the town home to catch the interest of potential buyers.

Stage the house
Clean up the house in order to make it more appealing and inviting. Mow the lawn, trim the shrubs and pressure wash the walkway to improve the appearance of the outdoor area. Clean the furniture and furnishings, remove your personal stuff and keep everything organized before a potential tenant arrives. Also ensure that all appliances are in working condition.

Choose the right tenant
Conduct a thorough background check of the tenant to make sure that the property is rented to the right people. Verify the current income, past rental records, credit history and criminal record of the tenant. It will help you have a hassle-free renting experience.

Preparing documents
Have a detailed discussion with the tenant regarding the terms and conditions to be followed during the tenancy period. Frame a lease agreement mentioning all the important clauses and make sure that the tenant understands them well. The contract should be agreed and duly signed by both the parties.

We, at John Reider Properties, can help to rent your town home in Killeen, TX. For any assistance, feel free to call us at (254) 699 – 8300.

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Staging Your Home’s Exterior - Property Management, Harker Heights

by Administrator 14. May 2016 12:55

Staging your home’s exterior should be the first and foremost step when selling a home. It not only makes your home visually appealibg but also increase its value. Moreover, it helps to create a good first impression on the prospective buyers.

The following staging tips can help you sell your home faster:-

  • An inviting entryway: A beautiful lawn with green and blooming plants is the best view one can have. A fountain or a small pond with water lilies surrounded by foliage and rocks can be the centerpiece for a lawn. A clean and colorful garden with a tranquil fountain represents an enchanting scene which can attract a number of buyers.
  • Backyard’s fine dining: The back space of a house can be designed in a beautiful manner. A swing set can be an interesting choice for making the backyard’s environment more delightful and calm. A furnished patio for fine dining, pairs of electric lanterns hanging to light up the nights and tinkling wind chimes- all these decorations make a backyard really fascinating for a buyer.
  • The wall and decorations: The creepers and vines hugging the walls make your house look more alluring. The blooming flowers growing in earthen pots and a chair with a small coffee table can enhance the beauty as well as the utility of the balconies.
  • Main door beauty: The main gate is the first thing a buyer sees before the interior of a house. So it is important to make the main gate appealing. A beautiful handle for the door can be used to complement it. Painting the door in a color that also matches with the wall paint, can accentuate the look to a great extent.  
  • Lighting glow: The landscape of a house should be mesmerizing. Fairy lights scattered on small plants in your garden can look illuminating. The main door, accompanied with a pair of side lights, can be a gesture of warm welcome to the guests. If one owns a canopied house, then it’s the best idea to use lights smartly on the canopy too, as it will increase the radiance of the house.

These are a few sure shot tips that can be used to stage the home’s exterior. You may use one or all, as per your convenience.

For more staging tips to sell your home in Killeen, TX, feel free to contact John Reider Properties at (254) 699 – 8300.​

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