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Landscaping Ideas For Your Rental Home

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A colorful landscape adds vision and depth to any rental home. It is also one of the first things a prospective tenant looks at when he comes to see your property. Perhaps this is the reason why you need to pay attention towards increasing the curb appeal of your rental home. Landscaping will not only make your property look beautiful but also add to its value.

Below is a list of some wonderful landscaping ideas for your rental home that will not fall too heavy on your pocket:

  • Plant colorful flowers: The backyard, patios and decks are all a wonderful opportunity to spread some color in your rental property. You can enhance the landscape of your property by adding colors and textures in the form of vibrant seasonal flowers. Apart from this, a patio can be created using large stones. You can add a nice picnic table and some attractive decorations for the perfect look. Even a nice water feature can lend an exquisite touch to your landscape.
  • Add accessories: There are a variety of accessories that can be used to spruce up the landscape in your rental property. For instance, garden statues or resin statues over stone or concrete can be bought because they are not very heavy. You can easily find them in a number of styles and shapes. Pretty string lights or simple solar lanterns can also become an attractive feature in your landscape.
  • Pay attention to outdoor lighting: The exterior lighting in any home is a major attractive feature that increases its face value. Pay attention to the outdoor lighting as it will not only highlight the plants and trees in your garden but also make it safe. Although this feature does not look important during the day, it is an eye-catching feature for probable tenants at night.
  • Invest in some gardening ideas: Flowers make a home appear more inviting and also look pleasing to the eyes. You can decorate your entrance with a mix of annual and perennial flowers in a variety of colors. You can even set up a low fence depending on the space available in your property. Plant some flowers and vines in this space for an interesting touch. Have only those flowers that can easily bloom and thrive in your geographical zone.
  • Affordable options for landscaping: In order to create a visual impact, spending huge amounts of money is not a necessity. Simply add a contemporary look to your garden with the use of gravel. It can be used in spaces where there is heavy foot traffic or the plants don’t flourish. Exposed earth space can also be covered using broken pavers in a mosaic pattern. Moss can be planted in between for a wonderful effect.