Staging Tips For Your Rental Home

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Staging rental property is a great strategy to stand out from competition and attract tenants. It helps an owner showcase the best parts of his property. People are more likely to consider staged rental property as they are attractive and relatable.

Here are some pro-approved staging tips for home owners considering renting out their property to serious tenants:

  • Use Appealing Furniture And Accessories: The furniture and accessories used to stage the house should be appealing to prospective rental market. If your target is a young couple, dress up the home accordingly. Use bright colors. Create a romantic touch with accessories like flower vases, lighting, candles etc. Tailor your furnishings as per age and lifestyle needs of potential tenants. Keep in mind the season while decorating the house.
  • Spark The Tenants’ Imagination: Use staging as a tool for igniting your clients’ imagination. Help them visualize themselves staying there by setting up rooms as per their requirements. A booklover should be able to visualize himself reading a book in a cozy spot. A homemaker is looking for a modern kitchen with the latest appliances and a child is looking for space to play. Tap into the innermost desires of your clients by staging skillfully.
  • Highlight The Strengths Of Your Property: Stage the house in such a way that the best parts of your house stand out. They should instantly catch the eye of the client. Common focal points in houses are bookshelves, fireplaces, big windows etc. Use staging as an opportunity of showing clients what the house is worth in terms of size, capacity and comfort. While doing this however, be careful not to overdo the accessories as you don’t want the clients to drift away from considering the property.
  • De-Clutter: Clutter is a big no-no when it comes to staging property. Keep it simple and stylish. Take care not to do anything that will overwhelm the observers mind. Get rid of all the clutter in the house. It should look clean and minimalistic. Clear drawers and cupboards. Keep only essentials of non-personal nature.
  • No Odors And Smells: An important aspect of staging is to get rid of nasty smells like musty, damp smells, smell of cigar etc. Conceal all smells either by painting the house, cleaning carpets and rugs, opening all doors and windows for airing or lighting up some scented candles.
  • Engage A Professional: The safest bet when staging property is to get it done by an expert. A professional stager knows exactly what will catch the eye of a potential tenant. Just give him your budget and he will do it for you. Staging experts can also be engaged for showcasing the property.

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