Tips To Get A Home In Competitive Rental Market

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Things To Do Immediately After Shifting To A New Home

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Being A Good Tenant

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There are plenty of perks that come with being a good tenant. In addition to staying in the rental accommodation for a longer period, you also develop positive relationships with those around you and your property owner. You can be someone, with whom people would love to associate with. Let’s take a look at what it takes to be a good tenant:

  • Honesty: As with everything else in life, even as a tenant, honesty is the best policy. Good tenants don’t fudge the truth. Fill your application form honestly. Make sure that you do not conceal any important facts from your property owner.
  • Staying Within Your Means: Good tenants commit to rental accommodations they can afford.  By being able to pay the rent easily every month, their credibility remains intact.
  • Reading The Lease Carefully: To be a good tenant, you should be happy with all aspects of the lease agreement. For this, it is important to have gone through the agreement thoroughly before signing it. Understanding & complying with all the terms and conditions of the lease agreement is a pre-requisite for being a good tenant.
  • Timely Payment Of Rent: The best tenants are those who understand their responsibility to make timely rent payments without constant reminders from the property owner.
  • Cleanliness: Good tenants maintain the rental property as if it were their own. Property owners love people who keep the property clean and in good condition.
  • Friendly Demeanor: You are sure to be in the good books of your property owner by being friendly and approachable. Don’t hesitate to extend kind gestures like a smile or a greeting on seeing the property owner or neighbors.
  • Open And Direct Communication: Nip problems in the bud by informing your property owner of maintenance and repair requirements in time. This will help prevent smaller issues from becoming larger ones and affecting your relationship with the property owner.
  • Respect The Noise Requirements: If your property owner has some requirements about the noise levels in the apartment, be kind enough to respect that and adhere to the limits. Consciously trying to stay within the limits set by your property owner will earn you a reputation of being a good tenant.
  • Always Ask: A good tenant does not assume things. If there’s any change that you would like to bring about in the rental accommodation e.g. adopting a pet, painting a wall, etc., make it a point to ask your property owner.

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