Owning Vs Renting

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Amenities Tenants Want In Rental Homes

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When tenants begin searching for rental homes, there are certain features that are on top of their priority list. Therefore, it is important for the landlords to know about the amenities most of the tenants look for. You can add these features to your rental unit so that it stands out from the rest of the properties. This will also increase your chances of getting a tenant faster.

Some of the amenities tenants want in rental homes are mentioned below:

  • Location: The most important feature in any property is the location as this is the first major attraction for tenants. You can command a higher rent if you have your property in a favorable location. Therefore, always try to buy a property that is close to shopping centers, grocery stores, schools, parks and has transportation readily available at most times. You can also conduct desirable renovation work in your property so that more tenants are attracted to it.
  • Functionality: Every tenant desires a rental home that is clean and has everything in excellent working condition. So, it is imperative to have a thorough home inspection done before the tenant moves in. Check all the appliances and any electrical or plumbing issues to resolve them beforehand so that tenants do not have to schedule additional visits for repair work.
  • Parking: Another important feature that tenants want in a rental unit is adequate parking space. If you have a garage for parking, there is a higher probability of getting more probable tenants. Covered parking is essential in areas where it rains excessively or harsh winter conditions prevail for most part of the year.
  • Upgradation: Tenants are likely to get attracted to a property that has all the recent upgrades. For instance, tenants will get impressed if a rental home has the latest energy-efficient appliances installed in it. Apart from this, beautiful hardwood flooring will leave a long-lasting impression on the tenants who will come to view your property. Upgrade your bathroom sinks and fixtures as well for added advantage.
  • Laundry: A washer or a dryer in the rental unit or apartment building is a huge plus point that attracts a lot of tenants. Since the tenants get the ease of washing their laundry in the rental unit itself, they are even ready to pay more for this feature. So, as a landlord, you must try and include this amenity in your rental property.
  • Storage Space: Closet or storage space is another essential amenity that is a priority for the tenants. It is used for keeping clothes, toys or other daily use items in a secure manner. In case your rental unit does not have enough built-in storage, it is best to have an additional closet. If possible, you can even give your tenant the option to store his belongings in the basement or garage.


Signs That You Need A Property Manager

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House Maintenance Checklist

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Common Rental Property Repairs

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Tips To Click Better Photos For Your Rental Listings

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Once you have written the perfect description of your rental home on the listing website, it is time to shift your focus on uploading the best possible photographs. Well-clicked pictures are more likely to attract prospective tenants who nowadays look up on the listing websites before actually making an effort to visit the property. Here are some useful tips that can help you click better photos for your rental listings:

  • Have The Right Equipment: It is not necessary to invest in a hi-end camera for photographing your home. Even your cell phone camera will work well if it offers picture clarity and flash option. Always make sure to clean the camera lens before taking pictures as nobody likes blurred photos.
  • Have Adequate Lighting: Have natural lighting in your home as it brings out some of the best pictures. Open all the curtains and blinds and shoot your pictures during the day to take advantage of natural light. Turn on all the lights in your rental property and use camera flash, if required.
  • Use The Correct Angle: You need to have a complete view of the room of which you are planning to take pictures. Ensure that your camera is placed at the right angle to capture optimum photographs. Don’t shoot from an extremely low angle and always use the wide angle carefully, particularly when you are taking the pictures of your kitchen.
  • Get Various Perspectives: You cannot highlight all the good features of individual rooms in a single picture. Every prospective tenant has his own liking and disliking that needs to be catered to. For instance, a certain tenant might like the idea of a chandelier in the living room, while the other would be enticed by the fireplace. Therefore, always take pictures from different perspectives to highlight individual features in all the rooms.
  • Consider The Mirrors: While clicking pictures, you need to ensure that the camera flash is not showing up in the mirrors. Not taking care of this aspect can completely ruin your photographs. Always position yourself at an angle where you are not in front of the mirror. You can also adjust the direction of the flash so as to avoid seeing its flare across the mirror.
  • Arrange The Furniture Well: A well-furnished home will produce the best images that can be put online on the rental listing websites. Arrange the furniture in an attractive manner and also shoot from different perspectives. Make the rooms look inviting by creating open spaces. Do not overcrowd your home with too many furniture items as it gives a congested appearance in the photographs.

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Must Have Apartment Features

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Essential Home Renting Tips

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Renting Out A Furnished Property

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As a landlord, buying all the furniture for your rental property might seem like a major expenditure but you need to think about the pros and cons before deciding if you want to spend money on it. Although there is no specific rule that you need to provide a fully-furnished property to the tenant, it is up to you if you want this additional feature. Below is a list of certain advantages and disadvantages associated with renting out a furnished property. You can decide according to what suits you the best.


  • Access to a larger market: When you have a furnished rental home, you can cater to a large chunk of the market that comprises of corporate companies. These companies pay more but you have to ensure that your property is in optimum condition to attract such customers.
  • Useful if you want to move back: In the future, if you intend to return to your rental property, you will not have to spend money on furniture if the property already has all the essential items. You will eventually save on storage and transport costs as well.
  • Tax benefit: Having a furnished rental property allows you to deduct a certain amount of the cost of goods from your tax liability. This means you can save money on tax and add to your financial savings.
  • Quick renting: Nowadays, more and more tenants are on the lookout for furnished properties. Therefore, providing this feature can get your home on rent at a quicker pace. This will reduce the vacancy period and your home will not keep on lying in the rental market for a longer period of time.


  • Damage to the furniture: A furnished property is prone to wear and tear and potential damage caused by tenants during their stay. You will have to incur the cost of buying and maintaining sofas, beds and wardrobes etc.
  • Ensure legal compliance: All the furniture and furnishing items installed in your rental home must meet all the fire and safety regulations. You have to ensure this even before you give your property on rent. A small mistake on your part can prove to be costly as the tenant can sue you in case of any untoward accident.
  • Property can look untidy: Potential tenants might get put off by a rental property that has a lot of furniture. Also, they cannot customize the furniture according to their requirements which might be a negative point when it comes to finalizing the rental deal.

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Common Landlord Mistakes

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