Common Repair & Replacement Tasks To Do

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Each home requires maintenance and repair at regular intervals. It is important to take due care to keep your rental property in good condition for years to come. The smartest move is to hire a professional property manager for this purpose. This will save your time and effort.

Property managers help manage day-to-day operations of a rental property. Their services, fee and terms of the contract depend on the type of property they have been appointed to manage. A reliable property manager takes up the responsibility of an efficient marketer as well.
Here is a list of some repair tasks that you would expect your property manager to take up.

  • Repair and replace drywall and carpeting. Also, it is important to keep a check on small and large cracks in the walls. The job requires skill and knowledge.  which might require the application of fresh coats of
  • Treat squeaky floors. The sounds could be a result of faulty ductwork, piping or wood rubbing against a nail.
  • Maintenance and replacement services of the roof and gutters. This includes unclogging the gutters from time to time with the help of an expert team and also repair or replace damaged roofs. Replace old and damaged shingles with new ones. It also includes getting rid of debris, fungus and mold overgrowth from the roof and gutters.
  • Repair and maintenance of gas lines and outlets, which include replacement of broken parts.
  • Updating the electrical wiring/outlets as per the local rental property laws.
  • Repair and replacement of HVAC systems and water heaters to ensure they work for a long period of time.
  • Timely repair and maintenance of clogged pipes, toilets, other sewer issues, leaky faucets etc. This helps in cutting down additional expenses incurred to engage a plumber exclusively for the job.
  • Check for water leakage in the ceiling and windows. This helps in preventing any damage to wood, drywall and other surfaces of the property.
  • Replacing light switches and outlets that have been over-used or have become faulty over time with new parts. Matching the wires and replacing the covers is also a part of the services.
  • Removing old caulk around bathtubs and sinks to prevent them from wearing off, cracking and peeling with the passage of time.
  • Getting rid of bugs and rodents by hiring a pest specialist and sealing holes in the property which give access to rodents inside the house.
  • Repairing the garbage disposal if broken, stuck or burnt.

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