Renting To Pet Owners? Here Is A Checklist

by Administrator 18. July 2017 06:16

Landlords need to ask a lot of questions before allowing renting their property pet owners. These questions help in assessing the obligation of a resident towards providing optimum pet care. It is also essential to meet the pet and keenly observe his behavior for a better idea. Always draft a pet application form and mention all the pet rules associated with your rental unit in this document.

Below is a checklist that can help in determining a responsible pet giver:


Q: How many pets do you have? : Ask about the types of pets and the number of pets. Also, you need to know if the pet is a licensed one, in case it is mandatory under the law of your state.
Q: Is your pet spayed? : It is important that the pet is neutered and also completely free from any kinds of fleas or ticks. Proper vaccination is also a must along with a reference letter from the veterinary doctor.
Q: Can you provide a reference letter? : Ask the pet owner for a reference letter from the current landlord. This will help you identify if the pet has caused any issues while residing in the property previously.
Q: Have there been any complaints? : Ask the pet owner if any complaints have ever been registered against his pet. Also, confirm if the pet suffers from any medical or behavioral problems.
Q: Has your pet ever damaged a property? : Inquire if the pet has caused any damage to the previous rental units. If yes, then how did the pet owner fix or pay for the damages.


Q: Is your dog formally trained? : Professionally trained dogs are least likely to cause any disturbance in the house or neighborhood. Also, ask if the dog has ever bitten any human being or animal under any circumstances.
Q: Has your dog ever created too much noise? : Inquire about the noise complaints regarding the pet owner’s dog. Also, you need to know about the tendency of the dog to bark. While some dogs stop barking on command, others don’t and this is an important factor to consider.
Q: Does your dog wear an identification tag? : The pet owner must ensure that his dog wears a completely filled identification tag all the time. If not, you can ask him to do so before renting your property.


Q: How will you deal with the noisy behavior of your cat? : Certain cats can indulge in excessive meowing or yowling and this can disturb the neighborhood. Ask the cat owner as to how he plans to deal with such kind of behavior, in case the situation arises.
Q: Is your cat litter trained? : The cat should be litter-trained and there should be a permanent litter box kept by the cat owner at a specific place all the time. Ask the pet owner where he plans to keep the litter box and how often does he intend to clean it.

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Ways To Keep Good Tenants In Your Killeen Rental Home

by Administrator 14. March 2016 11:49

Landlords, particularly those who have previously gone through the renting process, know that it can be a challenging task to find quality tenants. People who stay for a longer duration, pay rent on time and keep the property well-maintained are hard to find. Therefore, the goal of every landlord should be to retain good tenants for as long as possible to avoid property advertizing costs, reduce turnover rate and maximize profit.

Here are some effective ways to keep good tenants in your rental home:

  • Keep your property well-maintained: Tenants prefer living in a home that is well-maintained and attended to by the landlord. If you work towards the proper upkeep of the property, tenants are more likely to feel contented and contribute towards maintaining cleanliness in the house. Make sure that the sidewalks and driveways are cleaned, walls are painted as well as appliances are checked and repaired from time to time.
  • Be responsive and proactive: You must respond to your tenants’ requests and queries in a timely manner. Do not ignore the requests, even if you feel that the issue cannot be handled by you or may take a longer time to be resolved. Rather, be upfront to discuss the problem and its best possible solution with the tenants. Also, you should be proactive in solving any issues that may come up in the near future. For instance, inspect smoke detectors, mow the lawn, replace HVAC filters, check insulation etc.
  • Set your price just below market value: By setting the rent amount a fraction below the current market value, you can retain good tenants for a much longer period of time. There are less likely to vacate the house in search for a similar property at a better price. Also, make minor increases in the rent after consistent intervals instead of a bigger upsurge after a year or two.
  • Allow minor modifications: Permitting your tenants to slightly personalize the rental property will them feel at home. Let them paint the walls in a color of their choice, select their own drapery and curtains, make landscape improvements etc.

We, at John Reider Properties, provide complete assistance in finding and retaining quality tenants for rental homes in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 8300 or visit 455 E. Central Texas Expwy, Suite 101, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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