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At the end of a lease term, it’s easy to rely on a full security deposit to boost your finances when dealing with the moving process. However, far too often, many renters find themselves angry and confused about why they received a deduction from their original deposit.

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure a hefty return of your security deposit. Avoid these common mistakes that are costing you your security deposit!

Abusing the Property:

Causing direct damage to the property is a sure-fire way to eliminate the option of a full security deposit refund when your lease has terminated. Thankfully, it’s generally the also the easiest area to avoid wrongdoing. Treat the property well, and remember that you are financially responsible for the actions of your guests. Avoid damaging walls, carpet or property fixtures and ensure that party guests and children alike, know to avoid rough behavior that could damage the space.

Ignoring Routine Maintenance:

This is one area where many renters fail to fully understand the implications of their actions--actions felt both by the property and renters’ pocketbooks. Simple tasks like regular cleaning to avoid pests and changing filters to avoid damage to the HVAC system all can work together to ensure that your landlord isn’t faced with an issue that needs to be addressed. If an issue does occur and your neglect led to the problem, guess where the funds for solving it will come from?

“Harmless” Upgrades:

Everyone wants to live in a space where they most feel comfortable. For many homeowners, this can translate to a fresh coat of paint and light remodeling to make their homes truly feel unique for their needs. Renters can be tempted to make these same kinds of changes in the name of upgrading the space, but if your lease prohibits this type of change then any unapproved change can be met with a hefty security deposit deduction. Remember, your landlord or manager’s ability to rent the space largely depends on ensuring a universal aesthetic that will attract the most amount of potential tenants. You may think floral wallpaper and lavender countertops elevate the kitchen, but your landlord will just see a headache-inducing restoration project.

Neglecting the Deep Clean:

Even the most fastidious daily cleaners will come across corners, shelves and areas that are often neglected (or at least not cleaned as often). Places like baseboards, window tracks, the tops of cupboards, and under furniture are rarely examined on a daily basis--and cleaned even less. On the flip-side, high traffic areas can begin to look dingy after years of use. To ensure your landlord doesn’t have to pay for a professional cleaner when you leave, pull out all the stops anddo a deep clean every month. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to dedicate to an intricate cleaning task, or are simply hoping to avoid it, hire your own professional cleaner and save the receipt. While apartment owners may get a discount from bulk business, if you rent a single-family home, you may have more time to shop around for a great deal than your manager or landlord and could save some cash that would have been taken from your deposit anyway.

Avoiding the Touch-Ups:

If your lease allows for small nail holes with the stipulation that they are fixed before you leave, be sure to follow through with the touch-up work. Slight damage may seem like ignorable details when you are faced with the chore of packing and moving, but like it or not, that damage will have to be repaired by someone. If it’s your manager, you can bet you will be charged for the time and supplies. Save yourself the cash (and your landlord the hassle) of addressing small issues beforehand, loose hinges on cupboards, nail and screw holes and even light bulb replacement will all go a long way to get your full security deposit back into your hands.

Your security deposit should not be something you turn in after signing your lease and don’t think about until it’s time to leave. In addition, being a great tenant doesn’t end the moment you decide to move, remember that getting your security deposit back may require a bit of elbow grease before you turn in the keys. The best renters realize that day-to-day living should be done with the security deposit in mind and that a little extra cleaning and maintenance will go a long way once the lease has come to term.

The Home Renting Process

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Questions To Ask Your Landlord Before Signing Lease

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If you have found a perfect rental home, it is essential to sign the lease that states the important terms and conditions related to the rental process.  Make sure you read the agreement carefully before finalizing the deal. Preparing a list of questions will be beneficial in solving all your queries.

Let’s take a look at some questions which you should ask before signing the lease

How do I pay the rent?

Make sure you ask the landlord about the rent payment options. Most of the landlords have switched to online methods. You should confirm it before moving in the rental home. Choose the option which suits you the best.

What does the rent include?

You should know if the amenities such as electricity, water, gas etc. are included in the rent. Some homeowners even provide internet and cable facilities. In case, the rent is not inclusive of these facilities, ask your landlord about the extra charges required.

Are pets allowed?

If you are planning to bring your pet along, ask the landlord about any terms or conditions that may be applicable. Some landlords follow a restrictive or no pet policy for their rental home. That is why, it is important to get it cleared before signing the lease. In case the landlord has a pet-friendly home, make sure you read the guidelines regarding the type, size and number of pets allowed. Also ask about the pet deposit charged by the landlord.

What is the lease duration?

Asking about the duration of the lease is essential. You should know whether it is a short or long term rental agreement. In some cases the landlord might be interested in signing a two year lease. So, it is better to confirm beforehand. You can also inquire about the lease renewal policy as some landlords wish to sell their property once the term has been completed. This will help to avoid disputes later.

Are all the appliances working properly?

When you are renting a furnished home, it is important to check the working conditions of all the appliances such as washer, dryer, microwave etc. Ask the landlord if the electrical fittings are energy-efficient. Also ascertain that the plumbing fixtures are not leaking.

What’s the late fees policy?

Most of the homeowners allow residents to pay the rent until the third or fifth of the month. Ask your landlord about the due date and any late fees policy. This can help you to avoid penalties and the risk of eviction.

What is the guest policy?

As a tenant, you must clarify with your landlord about the guest policy. You must know how many people can live in your rental home and for what duration. Ascertain that the clause is mentioned in the rental agreement.

Is renters insurance required?

Having a renters insurance can help to protect your valuable assets and personal belongings. You should ask your landlord if it is necessary to get insurance before signing the deal.  Also inquire if his homeowners insurance policy covers the rental property as well.

What are the safety measures in the home?

Having safety measures in your rental property is very important. You should know if the house has CCTV cameras or double door locks. You can even ask the landlord if anti-theft devices and alarms have been installed.

Can I makes any changes to the apartment?

You must discuss about the changes which you can make to the apartment. Ask if you can repaint the walls or make any other renovations in rental home. Also clear your doubts regarding maintenance and home repairs.

Is there any parking space in the rental home?

You should know if the rental home has a garage or parking space available.  It will help to keep your vehicles safe.

We, at John Reider Properties, provide a wide range of rental homes in Killeen, TX. The agents will answer all your queries and provide complete guidance in renting a property. For more information, you can call at (254) 699 - 8300 or visit 455 E. Central Texas Expwy, Suite 101, Harker Heights, TX 76548. 

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How To Be A Successful Landlord In Killeen, TX

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Being a landlord is a huge responsibility as you not only have to only make your rental business profitable but also make sure that your tenants stay for a longer period of time. In order to ensure that all the tenancy goes smoothly and efficiently, you need to keep some important things in mind. Listed below are some guidelines that can help you in becoming a successful landlord in Killeen, TX:

  • Screen the tenants: Letting your property to a wrong person can be a huge mistake. A bad tenant may be late with his rent payments or cause damage to your rental property. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly screen all the prospective tenants to find the most suitable one for your property. Check out the applicant’s background, history of evictions, financial stability and general conduct. Always abide by the fair housing laws when rejecting a particular tenant or you may end up facing a lawsuit.
  • Have a clearly written lease agreement: A lease agreement is one of the most crucial aspects of any landlord-tenant affiliation. It is necessary to have a written lease agreement that specifies all the terms and conditions to be followed during the tenancy period. Get this agreement duly signed by your tenants and make sure they fully understand all the clauses mentioned in the document.
  • Stay in touch with your tenants: You should meet your tenants on a regular basis to know if they are facing any problems. Ask about any repair or renovation issues and get them resolved as soon as possible. Apart from this, it is also essential that you treat every tenant in a fair and respectful manner. This will earn you reputation and attract high-quality tenants in the future as well.
  • Take your business seriously: Renting a home comes with a lot of responsibilities and you should understand them well. You need to have an organized set-up and follow the regulations in a systematic manner to ensure good returns on your investment property. You should keep yourself updated with the latest real estate trends to have an idea of how you can improve your prospects in this field. Also, you need to develop a strategy to deal with any tenant issues well on time.
  • Handle renewals effectively: Renewing a lease agreement can guarantee a steady flow of income from your rental property in Killeen. However, if you are going to increase the rent after renewing the agreement, make sure you provide something in return to your tenants. For instance, you can get a fresh coat of paint to the rental property or lower the maintenance charges.

Contact John Reider Properties for assistance in renting your home in Killeen, TX. To know more, you can call us at (254) 699 – 8300.

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Tips For First Time Landlords In Killeen

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If you are planning to rent out your property in Killeen, TX, it is important to know about the current market trends. You also need to make sure that your rental home is beautifully staged to attract suitable tenants. Whether you have an apartment, single-family home or a condo, you need to follow a set of guidelines to have a profitable rental business.

  • Make a list amenities that you plan to provide: Prepare a list of basic as well as add-on features that you will be providing to your tenants. These may include furniture, appliances, air conditioning system, room heaters etc. Additional facilities such as Wi-Fi connection, child-gates on stairs, security alarms, well-maintained lawn etc. can help you stand out from the herd.
  • Stage your home: Inspect your house thoroughly to check if anything requires repair or replacement. It is important to deal with all repairs beforehand so that the tenants do not face any inconvenience during the rental tenure. Keeping the property in top-notch condition also helps you set a higher rental price. The appliances should be working in optimum condition and all the old fixtures should be replaced with new ones. If the property has a lawn or backyard, make sure it is clean and well-lit.
  • Get your home insured: It is imperative to get home insurance as it will provide financial protection to your property as well as the contents in case of any unforeseen circumstances. The insurance rate may vary with the location, property type and amenities included in the property. It is recommended to consult your real estate agent to decide on coverage required for your rental home in Killeen.
  • Perform comprehensive tenant screening: In order to find a good quality tenant, it is important to check his financial background, credit history and employment status.  You must also make sure that the tenant does not have a criminal record. You can get references from employer as well as previous landlords to rest assured that you are renting your home to the right tenant.
  • State all the terms and conditions in the agreement: Specify all the terms and conditions in the lease agreement. You should include details such as rent, tenancy duration, type of occupancy, deposits and provision for pets etc. Also, mention all the eviction policies unambiguously and be prepared for negotiation with the tenants on any of the conditions set by you.

For assistance in renting your home in Killeen, TX, feel free to contact John Reider Properties at (254) 699 – 8300.

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Renting Your Town Home In Killeen

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Being a landlord can be hectic if you are planning on renting your home by yourself. Also, if you are new to the renting business, you may find it daunting to carry out the task smoothly without all the right information. Listed below are few guidelines that can help to simplify your renting experience.
Compare rents of similar houses
Before deciding the value of your town home, conduct an extensive research about the rents of other houses available in your area. Compare the amenities provided by other properties and those that you can include in your town home to increase its demand in the rental market. Make sure you set a competitive price for the property to attract a large number of potential tenants.

Finishing the repair and maintenance work
You can consider making certain improvements to your house that may increase its demand in the rental market. Paint the house, fix any leaks or cracks, replace bathroom and kitchen fixtures, repair the faulty appliances etc. A property that is well maintained leaves a good impression on the potential tenants.

Follow rules and regulations
Ensure that you adhere to all rules and regulations pertaining to rental properties in Killeen, TX to avoid any kind of conflicts in future. For example, in most jurisdictions, rentals are subjective to taxes. Consult a real estate agent so that you do not miss out on any legal formalities while renting out your town home.

Advertize the property
The probability of finding a tenant depends on the effectiveness of advertizing strategies. List your town home in major online listings to allow potential tenants to browse through the amenities offered in the property. Post clear images and highlight the important features of the town home to catch the interest of potential buyers.

Stage the house
Clean up the house in order to make it more appealing and inviting. Mow the lawn, trim the shrubs and pressure wash the walkway to improve the appearance of the outdoor area. Clean the furniture and furnishings, remove your personal stuff and keep everything organized before a potential tenant arrives. Also ensure that all appliances are in working condition.

Choose the right tenant
Conduct a thorough background check of the tenant to make sure that the property is rented to the right people. Verify the current income, past rental records, credit history and criminal record of the tenant. It will help you have a hassle-free renting experience.

Preparing documents
Have a detailed discussion with the tenant regarding the terms and conditions to be followed during the tenancy period. Frame a lease agreement mentioning all the important clauses and make sure that the tenant understands them well. The contract should be agreed and duly signed by both the parties.

We, at John Reider Properties, can help to rent your town home in Killeen, TX. For any assistance, feel free to call us at (254) 699 – 8300.

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