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At the end of a lease term, it’s easy to rely on a full security deposit to boost your finances when dealing with the moving process. However, far too often, many renters find themselves angry and confused about why they received a deduction from their original deposit.

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure a hefty return of your security deposit. Avoid these common mistakes that are costing you your security deposit!

Abusing the Property:

Causing direct damage to the property is a sure-fire way to eliminate the option of a full security deposit refund when your lease has terminated. Thankfully, it’s generally the also the easiest area to avoid wrongdoing. Treat the property well, and remember that you are financially responsible for the actions of your guests. Avoid damaging walls, carpet or property fixtures and ensure that party guests and children alike, know to avoid rough behavior that could damage the space.

Ignoring Routine Maintenance:

This is one area where many renters fail to fully understand the implications of their actions--actions felt both by the property and renters’ pocketbooks. Simple tasks like regular cleaning to avoid pests and changing filters to avoid damage to the HVAC system all can work together to ensure that your landlord isn’t faced with an issue that needs to be addressed. If an issue does occur and your neglect led to the problem, guess where the funds for solving it will come from?

“Harmless” Upgrades:

Everyone wants to live in a space where they most feel comfortable. For many homeowners, this can translate to a fresh coat of paint and light remodeling to make their homes truly feel unique for their needs. Renters can be tempted to make these same kinds of changes in the name of upgrading the space, but if your lease prohibits this type of change then any unapproved change can be met with a hefty security deposit deduction. Remember, your landlord or manager’s ability to rent the space largely depends on ensuring a universal aesthetic that will attract the most amount of potential tenants. You may think floral wallpaper and lavender countertops elevate the kitchen, but your landlord will just see a headache-inducing restoration project.

Neglecting the Deep Clean:

Even the most fastidious daily cleaners will come across corners, shelves and areas that are often neglected (or at least not cleaned as often). Places like baseboards, window tracks, the tops of cupboards, and under furniture are rarely examined on a daily basis--and cleaned even less. On the flip-side, high traffic areas can begin to look dingy after years of use. To ensure your landlord doesn’t have to pay for a professional cleaner when you leave, pull out all the stops anddo a deep clean every month. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to dedicate to an intricate cleaning task, or are simply hoping to avoid it, hire your own professional cleaner and save the receipt. While apartment owners may get a discount from bulk business, if you rent a single-family home, you may have more time to shop around for a great deal than your manager or landlord and could save some cash that would have been taken from your deposit anyway.

Avoiding the Touch-Ups:

If your lease allows for small nail holes with the stipulation that they are fixed before you leave, be sure to follow through with the touch-up work. Slight damage may seem like ignorable details when you are faced with the chore of packing and moving, but like it or not, that damage will have to be repaired by someone. If it’s your manager, you can bet you will be charged for the time and supplies. Save yourself the cash (and your landlord the hassle) of addressing small issues beforehand, loose hinges on cupboards, nail and screw holes and even light bulb replacement will all go a long way to get your full security deposit back into your hands.

Your security deposit should not be something you turn in after signing your lease and don’t think about until it’s time to leave. In addition, being a great tenant doesn’t end the moment you decide to move, remember that getting your security deposit back may require a bit of elbow grease before you turn in the keys. The best renters realize that day-to-day living should be done with the security deposit in mind and that a little extra cleaning and maintenance will go a long way once the lease has come to term.

Best Ways For Renters To Save Money

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How To Attract Quality Tenants

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Any property owner who aims to maximize profits from their rental property would know that the best way to do so is by attracting high quality tenants. Tenants are usually keen on finding a property that looks visually appealing, is at a good location and is appropriately priced. Here are some pro-approved tips for attracting quality tenants.

1. Determine Your Target Market
In order to attract the right kind of tenants, it is important to be very clear on what your target market is. Are you looking for a family, student, an elderly couple, animal lover etc.? Prepare your property according to your target audience after considering what would appeal them. This way, you will attract tenants who are likely to stay longer.

2. An Impressive Listing

Prospective tenants usually check out internet listings when looking for a rental property. So creating an impressive listing is crucial in helping you get quality tenants. When writing a listing for your property, make sure it is descriptive and informative but at the same time concise and to the point. Pay special attention to the headline. It should be captivating. Also ensure that details of how to get in touch with you are clearly mentioned.

3. High Quality Pictures
Tap into the power of visuals to attract great tenants. Do this by representing your property in the listings with the help of beautiful high quality photos. Take close-up shots of the special spots such as an attractive entryway, flowers on the sidewalk, a swimming pool, a local library nearby etc. The pictures should be targeted towards the audience you are interested in.

4. Online Reputation
There are high chances that potential tenants will look for online reviews before shortlisting a rental property of their choice. A positive online image is likely to catch their attention faster. Request previous tenants to write positive reviews about your property. Always work towards providing your tenants with positive experiences in future as well to keep the goodwill going.

5. Conduct Regular Maintenance
Regularly maintaining rental property keeps it impressive at all times. Invest in some landscaping and cleaning services from time to time. With regular upkeep, there are fewer chances of things breaking down in the long term, thus saving your time and energy. It also helps while conducting a showing as you don’t have to stress about thoroughly cleaning and staging it. You are always prepared for an impromptu showing.

6. Thorough Screening
Screening tenants gives property owners important insights about their background, credibility and income. It becomes easier to judge whether the prospective tenant will be worthwhile or not. Try contacting previous landlords and references to know more about the tenants.

7. Provide Add-Ons
Add-ons are a sure way of making your property more desirable. Examples of add-ons are built-in wardrobes, air conditioning system, dishwashers, heating etc. Add-ons are high yielding long term investments.

8. Effective Communication
Communication plays a pivotal role in attracting quality tenants. Tenants prefer property owners who are approachable. Being able to answer their queries helps them visualize themselves in that place. More knowledge about the place will surely increase their interest in staying there.

We, at John Reider Properties offer a myriad of real estate services. For more information, visit 455 E. Central Texas Expwy, Suite 101, Harker Heights, TX 76548 or call at (254) 699 – 8300.

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Things To Consider While Hunting For A House

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Home Improvement Techniques

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Checklist For Tenants

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Signs That You Need A Property Manager

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Renting Out A Furnished Property

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As a landlord, buying all the furniture for your rental property might seem like a major expenditure but you need to think about the pros and cons before deciding if you want to spend money on it. Although there is no specific rule that you need to provide a fully-furnished property to the tenant, it is up to you if you want this additional feature. Below is a list of certain advantages and disadvantages associated with renting out a furnished property. You can decide according to what suits you the best.


  • Access to a larger market: When you have a furnished rental home, you can cater to a large chunk of the market that comprises of corporate companies. These companies pay more but you have to ensure that your property is in optimum condition to attract such customers.
  • Useful if you want to move back: In the future, if you intend to return to your rental property, you will not have to spend money on furniture if the property already has all the essential items. You will eventually save on storage and transport costs as well.
  • Tax benefit: Having a furnished rental property allows you to deduct a certain amount of the cost of goods from your tax liability. This means you can save money on tax and add to your financial savings.
  • Quick renting: Nowadays, more and more tenants are on the lookout for furnished properties. Therefore, providing this feature can get your home on rent at a quicker pace. This will reduce the vacancy period and your home will not keep on lying in the rental market for a longer period of time.


  • Damage to the furniture: A furnished property is prone to wear and tear and potential damage caused by tenants during their stay. You will have to incur the cost of buying and maintaining sofas, beds and wardrobes etc.
  • Ensure legal compliance: All the furniture and furnishing items installed in your rental home must meet all the fire and safety regulations. You have to ensure this even before you give your property on rent. A small mistake on your part can prove to be costly as the tenant can sue you in case of any untoward accident.
  • Property can look untidy: Potential tenants might get put off by a rental property that has a lot of furniture. Also, they cannot customize the furniture according to their requirements which might be a negative point when it comes to finalizing the rental deal.

Rent out your furnished or unfurnished home in Harker Heights, TX with John Reider Properties. For more information, call our agents at (254) 699 – 8300.

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Benefits Of Townhouses: Killeen Home Rentals

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Townhouses are multilevel houses that are built on the lines of apartment complexes.  The houses are attached to each other, generally having at least one common wall with a similarly designed home. Killeen, TX offers a host of townhouses for rent in various locations across the city. 

Following are some benefits of renting a townhouse:

  • Multi levels: Townhouses are usually built with two levels in a single home. This helps in separating the home into two different units. With this, you can use the upper level as a play area for kids, without disturbing the entire household. You can also have a balcony, porch and an outdoor space in your townhome. This will not only increase the floor area but also give you a place to relax.  
  • May be used as office space: Since there are two demarcated areas in a townhouse, one can use a portion even as a home office. Privacy is assured in townhouses for those who wish to have a segregated area for their work or official meetings.  
  • Common areas: When you rent a townhouse, you can have access to various common areas including a park, gym, tennis court, club house and swimming pool. The responsibility of the maintenance of these common areas rests with the homeowners’ association. However, you may need to pay a monthly or annual charge for this purpose. 
  • Increased security: The close proximity between the townhouses provide a sense of security to the tenants. Since the walls are shared and all houses are built in a row, there are more chances of interacting with the neighbors. The parking spaces and other amenities are all shared giving ample opportunities for dwellers to interact and engage with each other. It also keeps your house safer as it is easy for others in the area to keep a watch on your home while you are away.
  • Parking: Most townhouses in Killeen have a separate parking area close to the home. Therefore, you do not have to walk a long distance from the parking to your front door. When you have your own garage or parking space adjacent to the home, you can even use it to store toys, gardening equipment and other important items. 

The real estate agents at John Reider Properties can help you find a suitable townhouse for rent in Killeen, TX. For details, you can call at (254) 699 – 8300

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Benefits Of Advertizing Your Killeen Rental Home Online

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With more and more people accessing the internet to seek nearby services in Killeen, TX, landlords must consider advertizing their rental home online to find tenants quickly. Listing a property on reputed real estate website can help them attract a decent number of prospective tenants. Moreover, online marketing is affordable than the other advertizing methods. However, they must make sure that the listing provides sufficient information about the rental home. 

Listed below are some benefits of marketing a rental home online:

  • Reaches wider audience: An online ad reaches audiences far and wide, ensuring that you can make your property listing seen by a wider range of people. This can significantly increase the chances of finding tenants quickly.
  • Includes images: There is no restriction on the number of words or pictures you may upload along with your ad. This helps you to list down more features and details of the property. You can provide high quality images of your home to catch the attention of the potential tenants. Also, including important details such as rent, property size, location, amenities offered etc. can help you 
  • Multiple sites and options: Online ads give you an option to advertize on multiple portals at the same time. This further enhances your reach. You may also apply multiple techniques to showcase your property. Animations, music, photos, videos, live chats are just some of the many options available at the hands of homeowners.
  • 24/7 advertizing: Online advertizements can be easily accessed at any time and this gives immense flexibility in reaching out to more and more people. Property portals also offer round the clock assistance to clients. This is a better option than putting a yard sign which can only be accessed by potential tenants near your home.  
  • Reduces bottlenecks: Internet gives you the opportunity to interact/chat with potential tenants from the convenience of your home or workplace. You can schedule visit to the property and respond to the tenants’ queries any time you want. You also do not need to get into endless paperwork while posting or modifying your ad. 

Contact John Reider Properties to find quality tenants for your rental home in Killeen, TX. We will use effective strategies to advertize your property and ensure a faster occupancy. Call at (254) 699 – 8300 for more details. 

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