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At the end of a lease term, it’s easy to rely on a full security deposit to boost your finances when dealing with the moving process. However, far too often, many renters find themselves angry and confused about why they received a deduction from their original deposit.

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure a hefty return of your security deposit. Avoid these common mistakes that are costing you your security deposit!

Abusing the Property:

Causing direct damage to the property is a sure-fire way to eliminate the option of a full security deposit refund when your lease has terminated. Thankfully, it’s generally the also the easiest area to avoid wrongdoing. Treat the property well, and remember that you are financially responsible for the actions of your guests. Avoid damaging walls, carpet or property fixtures and ensure that party guests and children alike, know to avoid rough behavior that could damage the space.

Ignoring Routine Maintenance:

This is one area where many renters fail to fully understand the implications of their actions--actions felt both by the property and renters’ pocketbooks. Simple tasks like regular cleaning to avoid pests and changing filters to avoid damage to the HVAC system all can work together to ensure that your landlord isn’t faced with an issue that needs to be addressed. If an issue does occur and your neglect led to the problem, guess where the funds for solving it will come from?

“Harmless” Upgrades:

Everyone wants to live in a space where they most feel comfortable. For many homeowners, this can translate to a fresh coat of paint and light remodeling to make their homes truly feel unique for their needs. Renters can be tempted to make these same kinds of changes in the name of upgrading the space, but if your lease prohibits this type of change then any unapproved change can be met with a hefty security deposit deduction. Remember, your landlord or manager’s ability to rent the space largely depends on ensuring a universal aesthetic that will attract the most amount of potential tenants. You may think floral wallpaper and lavender countertops elevate the kitchen, but your landlord will just see a headache-inducing restoration project.

Neglecting the Deep Clean:

Even the most fastidious daily cleaners will come across corners, shelves and areas that are often neglected (or at least not cleaned as often). Places like baseboards, window tracks, the tops of cupboards, and under furniture are rarely examined on a daily basis--and cleaned even less. On the flip-side, high traffic areas can begin to look dingy after years of use. To ensure your landlord doesn’t have to pay for a professional cleaner when you leave, pull out all the stops anddo a deep clean every month. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to dedicate to an intricate cleaning task, or are simply hoping to avoid it, hire your own professional cleaner and save the receipt. While apartment owners may get a discount from bulk business, if you rent a single-family home, you may have more time to shop around for a great deal than your manager or landlord and could save some cash that would have been taken from your deposit anyway.

Avoiding the Touch-Ups:

If your lease allows for small nail holes with the stipulation that they are fixed before you leave, be sure to follow through with the touch-up work. Slight damage may seem like ignorable details when you are faced with the chore of packing and moving, but like it or not, that damage will have to be repaired by someone. If it’s your manager, you can bet you will be charged for the time and supplies. Save yourself the cash (and your landlord the hassle) of addressing small issues beforehand, loose hinges on cupboards, nail and screw holes and even light bulb replacement will all go a long way to get your full security deposit back into your hands.

Your security deposit should not be something you turn in after signing your lease and don’t think about until it’s time to leave. In addition, being a great tenant doesn’t end the moment you decide to move, remember that getting your security deposit back may require a bit of elbow grease before you turn in the keys. The best renters realize that day-to-day living should be done with the security deposit in mind and that a little extra cleaning and maintenance will go a long way once the lease has come to term.

Tips For Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

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Anyone who owns a furry little pet knows the extent to which they brighten up our lives. Pets are cute goofy companions who never ask questions, blindly trust us and never criticize. How could one even imagine moving to a new place without their faithful little friend?
If you are looking for a home and can simply not fathom the idea of leaving your pet, here are some tips to find a pet friendly rental home.

Start Early

So, moving to a new house is on the cards, and taking your pet along is a priority. A smart move will be to look for a house well in advance. Not many property owners are open to the idea of keeping a pet, so it is something that might take some more time than expected.

Make sure that you have enough time in your hand to look out for a pet friendly rental. Starting the house hunt early is a big favour you will be doing to your canine friend.

Pet Rent

It is a common scenario to see property owners demanding additional rent for a pet. Looking at it from their point of view, it is fair enough. There’s a lot that goes into keeping a pet. Your owners will have to put up with barks at any hour of the day, spoilt carpets, scratch marks on walls and doors etc. So, be prepared to pay extra rent in such a case.


Scoop out as much information as possible from online sources about pet friendly housing. You are bound to get some really helpful suggestions. Delve into the pet policies on the links provided.

Hire a real estate agent as they can help you in finding a pet friendly rental. Also you can put a word out on social media platforms like Facebook. You might just bump into the right person with valuable information about a pet friendly place to live.

Ask people who have regular association with pets about pet friendly apartments and owners.  Pet stores, veterinarians, pet groomers, dog walking groups, animal shelters etc are the right places to get information from.

Vital Information

You might want to gather data that will want the property owner to accept your pet in the premise. A training certificate, proof of necessary shots, and a written word of good conduct from a previous owner are required. On your end, be transparent about all facts related to the number of pets and their health status.

If you are looking for pet friendly rental home in Killeen, TX, contact John Reider Properties. For more information, visit 455 E. Central Texas Expwy, Suite 101, Harker Heights, TX 76548 or call at (254) 699 – 8300.

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