Property Management In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 14. May 2015 07:34

Owning a rental property is a profitable business provided that it is managed properly. Regular maintenance and management of the property minimizes vacancies and increases the chances of a constant flow of income. However, if you live in a different city or find it difficult to take out spare time, managing a property can be daunting and strenuous task. In such case, you can consider hiring a professional property management company to ensure that your property remains in a good shape and attracts quality tenants. John Reider Properties provides complete property management services to the residential and commercial properties in Killeen, TX.

Some of the property management services provided are:

  • Determine Rent: An experienced property manager can help you determine the appropriate rent according to the size, type, location, current real estate trends and amenities provided by the property. An attractive property asking for a competitive rent attracts many potential tenants.
  • Follow Housing Regulations: There are certain specific rules and regulations that landlords must follow with reference to selecting tenants and keeping the property well maintained. The property management company can help you understand these rules so that you avoid any legal hassles in the future.
  • Screen Tenants: This is an important phase to ensure a successful rental business and a smooth tenancy. The property management company follows a systematic procedure to screen the tenancy applications. The credit rating, income, criminal record, past rental experience etc. are thoroughly verified. This helps to ensure that you are renting your place to quality tenants who will pay the rent on time, have secure jobs and keep the property well maintained.
  • Inspect The Property: It is important that the rented property be inspected after periodic intervals to identify potential repairs or issues. A property manager conducts thorough interior and exterior inspection to make sure that the tenants are maintaining the property.
  • Collect Rent: The property management company will also be responsible for collecting rent from the tenants and depositing it in your account. You shall also be provided with a detailed financial statement at the end of every month stating all the credits and debits related to your property.

If you are looking for comprehensive property management services in Killeen, contact John Reider Properties. Our property managers help maintain your property and reduce vacancy periods for your rental property. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 8300 or visit our office at 455 E. Central Texas Expwy, Suite 101, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Property Management Killeen: What Tenants And Property Owners Can Expect

by Administrator 12. January 2015 15:07

Whether you are a landlord who owns a rental property or you are a tenant who is looking for a suitable house to rent, you can greatly benefit by hiring a property management firm. A reputed property management firm takes care of your rental needs and ensures that they do not face any issues and save a huge amount of money.

Benefits For landlord

Being a property owner who has multiple properties to handle, you can rely on a property management firm that is responsible for finding a good tenant, advertising your property and taking care of all other aspects of renting. They understand your needs and develop policies that work for you. The manager visits, inspects, and manages your property.

  • Letting:  You can expect reliable letting services from the property manager who takes extensive notes about your property, lists the property on real estate websites that they subscribe, advertise your rental property through different media and schedule viewing as required by potential tenants. The company ensures that you face minimum vacancy period and your home is occupied quickly.
  • Tenant Screening & Evictions: The property management firm makes every effort to ensure that you get the perfect tenant. They check the background of the tenant and their tenancy history to confirm whether he pays the rent on time or not and verify the applicant’s former renting references. The firm completes and executes the tenancy agreement and resolves any repair, renovation and evictions.
  • Rent Collection: The property manager is responsible for collecting rents from all your rental properties and thus, ensuring that you get a consistent income. They handle the accounts and offer complete financial summary.
  • Property Inspections: They undertake property inspections prior to the property being occupied. They even regularly inspect the homes and offer you a comprehensive report. They report any repairs or maintenance work that is essential while ensuring that the tenant retention rate remain high.

Benefits For Tenants

  • Help You Get Better Homes: By hiring a property manager, a prospective tenant stands a better chance of finding an appropriate home. They can easily beat other applicants and be prepared for applying for a rental property.
  • Understand Tenancy Agreement Terms: A property management company helps tenants understand all the clauses and terms in the agreement. They even explain your responsibilities as a tenant and make you aware of policies regarding parking, guests, pets, etc.
  • Resolve Issues: The property manager helps you resolve any issues related to the property. He acts as a mediator between the landlord and the tenant and keeps things cordial.


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Property Management Services In Killeen, TX

by Administrator 11. November 2014 06:43

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, managing it in a property way is extremely important to ensure proper returns on your investment. As a leading property management company in Killeen, TX, John Reider Properties helps you to keep your property in good shape always. We strive to add value to your biggest asset and investment.

Some of the property management services offered by us include:

  • Choosing right tenants - To avoid evictions, you must find a tenant who has a good track record. We will help you in screening the tenants proper and find the most reliable ones for your property. A good tenant will not only pay rent on time, but also avoid damaging the property in any way.
  • Dealing with legal issues - We, on your behalf, will handle all the legal issues involving tenants. Our property managers have complete knowledge about the latest landlord-tenant laws. They will make sure that you are not vulnerable to any lawsuits. Besides helping you with tenant screening, we also assist you to handle evictions, conflicts, security deposits, lease termination etc.
  • Reducing vacancy period - We know that vacancy periods can be quite stressful. Thus, we perform a thorough background check to make sure that you rent out your property to long-term and reliable tenants. We determine the best rent rates according to the current real estate market trends. We will also market your property effectively through online MLS listings available at our website.
  • Retaining tenants - We are not only responsible for getting good tenants for you, but also ensure that you have better tenant retention. We will regularly visit the property to check if the tenants are facing any issues. In case there is any problem, our property managers will resolve it in the least possible time. We ensure that all the necessary repairs are timely done so that the tenants do not find any reasons to complain or vacate the property.
  • Collecting rent on time - Being a reputed property management company in Texas, we ensure that we collect the rents on time.  We also provide you with a monthly statement of all the rents collected in the previous month.
  • Maintaining the property - Either your property is occupied or lying vacant, we will take care of its landscaping, maintenance, electrical, plumbing etc. to make sure that everything is in its best condition. This will help you increase the value of your property.

We, at John Reider Properties, specialize in both commercial and residential property management. For more details, call us at (254) 699 - 8300.

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Sell Your Home Checklist

by Administrator 21. July 2014 10:44

The real estate market is always full of prospective buyers who are looking for good quality property to buy. If you want to sell your home quickly and get a good price for it, you need to make sure that your property is likeable and attractive enough for buyers to take notice and consider as a viable option. You just cannot make your home available for sale the way it is; you need to put in a fair amount of work to make it more desirable and ensure that it presents an impression which is favorable for potential buyers. The following checklist can point you towards the right direction when it comes to what you need to do to make sure that your home sells fast and for a good price.

  • Pricing – The first important decision that you have to make before you put up your home for sale is the price you want for it. You can easily get a competitive market analysis done by a real estate agent, where you can see the kind of pricing that properties similar to yours are being made available at. Considering that and the salient features of your home, you should set a price which is realistic and makes the property an attractive purchase. Avoid overpricing or under pricing your house as this can set off red flags with potential buyers.
  • Look and Feel – The next most important thing to do is to make sure that your house looks and feels fresh, new and attractive. To achieve this, you might have to make more than a few changes to your house. You need to step into the shoes of a buyer and inspect your house for every flaw or imperfection and then make sure that you get all of them repaired. Also, make sure that you remove all clutter from the house by removing excess furniture and appliances. A new coat of paint is also advisable to give it a fresh look.
  • Home Inspection – Before you enlist your house for sale, you might want to get a professional home inspection done. Getting professional home inspection will clearly tell you what the problems are with your house and advice you regarding the best way to overcome those problems before you make your house available for sale.

Following this checklist is a great way to ensure that your house gets sold smoothly and you get a rewarding price for the sale.

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