Real Estate Marketing Trends In 2018

by Administrator 19. April 2018 06:45

2018 is an exciting year for real estate marketing. Knowledge of the latest trends in real estate marketing will be crucial in helping you stay on top of the game. Here are some strategies that are doing the rounds in the real estate market this year.

• More Realism

Potential customers are being provided with more realistic images of a home in the form of 3D images, video tours, virtual reality tours and live streaming. Such strategies are more appealing as they mimic the feeling of actually walking through the home. They are more realistic as compared to photographs and help in connecting with renters on a deeper level.

• Technology-Friendly Amenities

The provision of amenities such as Wi-Fi and USB outlets are a plus point in the modern real estate scenario. People are looking for fast and convenient amenities for multiple devices. Providing them with this boosts your prospects in real estate marketing.

• Use A Variety Of Marketing Channels
It is imperative to market your home on different platforms to be visible to potential customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. are highly sought after marketing mediums in 2018. Make use of quality video content and be regular with your posts.

• Pet Accommodation

Present day real estate trends suggest that making your property a pet friendly one attracts a higher number of tenants.

• Helpful Content

Create helpful content on various online platforms. Good content is a great way of connecting with potential tenants and winning their trust. A blog or Facebook page can be a good platform for providing clients with advice on issues renters face.

• Environment Centric Facilities
Most of Generation-Z renters are keen on saving the environment and are sure to be appreciative of rental accommodations providing amenities in furtherance of the same goal. 2018 is the year of saving energy and contributing towards a green lifestyle. Incorporate smart thermostats, energy saving appliances, more greenery in the form of trees and gardens etc.

• Go Digital

Post your listings online, accept applications and payments online and be responsive to text questions. The younger generation wants everything to be fast and efficient. Live up to these expectations by going digital.

• Use Drones

Add some fun and creativity in projecting your property with drones. Your clients will love the fact that they can easily assess the neighborhood and local amenities nearby. Looking at things from a birds eye view is a unique experience through which it is easier for renters to imagine themselves in the property.

• Target Groups
Micro-targeting a renter base is a trend that’s catching up with many realtors. So it is more beneficial to market your property to a group of tenants/ buyers near you. This could be college students, families, senior citizens etc. Study the area in which your property is situated and target the right type of client.

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