Home Relocation Checklist

by Administrator 26. February 2011 08:42

So you have made the final and big decision. You’re pulling up limits and moving in. A home relocation usually involves a lot of work; you cannot break free of that. But utilizing the following home relocation checklist and timeline as your guide, your relocation would be as unpainful as possible! 


  • Inventory sheets: Make the list of all the things that are to be transferred.
  • Check out relocation options: You'll be required to conclude if you can do the transferring stuff by yourself or you need the help of a moving company.
  • Request relocation rates: Get moving estimates from as many relocation companies and movers as possible. There can be a big deviation between the prices and services within the moving companies.
  • Toss out unneeded items: Displacing is an incredible time for getting rid of unwanted and waste items. Feature a yard sale or give away unnecessary items to charitable organization.
  • Packing stuffs: Collect moving boxes and packing materials for your journey to another house.
  • Contact insurance companies:  You'll need to contact your insurance agent to cancel/transfer your insurance policy.


  • Get in contact with utility companies: Set utility turnoff date, look for refunds and deposits and inform them of your new house address. 
  • Find all your medical records: Contact your docs, physicians, dentists and other medical specialists who may presently be keeping back any of your family's medical records. Get these records or draw plans for them to be handed over to your new medical facilities. 
  • Observe food stock list levels: Check out your closets, icebox and deep freezer and use much of your perishable food as fairly easy. 
  • Protect jewelry and valuables: Shift jewelry and valuables to lockbox to allow them to not to be lost or stolen during your relocation. 
  • Borrowed and hired items: Refund goods that you may have borrowed or hired. Gather up items that you have given to anyone.


  • Your modification of house address: Don't forget to inform all the concerned authorities about the change of your house address. Also, inform them about your new address. 
  • Bank accounts: Shift or shut down bank and financial accounts. Make it a point to hold a money order for compensating the moving company. 
  • Call off services: Inform any persisting service providers of your relocation. 
  • Begin packing: Start bundling all the things doomed for your new location. 
  • Glance over your furniture Stock list: Make sure that you check out all the furniture to be relocated and also take care of their safety.


  • Design your travel plan: Make plans to stay all day long at the house or at least until the movers are on their way. 
  • Examine the house: Once home is empty, double check the total house to make sure that no items is left behind or no home issues subsist. 
  • Mark the waybill: As soon as you are satisfied with the mover's bundling your items into the motor truck, sign on the bill of lading. Preferably, accompany your mover while the moving truck is weighed. 
  • Abandon your residence: Ensure that all the utilities are off, doorways and windows are locked and alert your real estate agent that you have vacated the property.

To avail the best possible services in commercial and residential sales, residential and commercial leases, and property management services, please contact John Reider Properties of Central Texas at Phone: 254.699.8300.

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Killeen Home Rentals

by Administrator 14. February 2011 10:48

Killeen is a beautiful area in Texas that abounds in different properties available on rent. There are many residential locations and homes that you can live in by paying nominal monthly rental amounts. If you have never before lived in a rented accommodation, you will need to do a little homework to get it right and ensure that you are not defrauded in any way. Some of the following tips will prove to be quite valuable especially if you are a first timer:

  • You need to first prepare a file in which all information relating to your credit rating has been included. It must also contain records of all the places that you have lived in before. If you have already stayed at a rented accommodation in the past, you can include referrals from former landlords as well. Good referrals help you stand out amongst a host of other applicants for a residential property. The owner is likely to choose someone with a good past record rather than someone whose history he cannot be sure about.
  • If you are scouting for a property on rent, you should inform all your friends and family about it so that they can contact you if they know about any such property in the intended area. You can also make use of online listings and local newspapers and journals to find a good property. We at John Reider Properties have huge database of properties that are available on rent in and around Killeen.
  • If you are unable to find a location or home of your choice anywhere, it is better to hire the services of a property management firm like John Reider Properties who can do this on your behalf. You can simply state your preferences in the matter and the property will be found for you.
  • If you are on a very low budget and only need a small area of a home to stay in all by yourself, you can look for a property that allows two to three people to share a home. In this way, you will not only be able to save a huge amount of money on reduced rent but will also find staying in a new area a safe and secure proposition.

John Reider Properties provides rental services for both commercial and residential properties in Killeen and surrounding areas in Central Texas. For more information or to know what rental options are available, please feel free to call us at - 254.699.8300.

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Why Killeen Is Emerging As A Profitable Real Estate Option In Texas

by Administrator 25. January 2011 14:54

Killeen area near Fort Hood Texas is a place where there has been a complete real estate boom in recent years. This market has developed exponentially in this regard which has resulted in a great demand for properties in this area. The beautiful landscape and high quality of life enjoyed by the residents of this region makes it a much preferred destination for most people looking to set up or build a permanent family home. It also has a great economy that is constantly growing which has resulted in the success of commercial properties as well.

Some of the reasons why Killeen is emerging as a profitable real estate option in Texas have been provided below:

  • The Killeen area has an immense variety of options to choose from when it comes to investing in real estate. You can either invest in a luxury villa or a budget duplex depending on your choice. The real estate market here has something for everyone who wishes to make an investment. So there is never any significant reduction in the number of buyers of property. Rather the number keeps on increasing every year and this gives impetus to the real estate market.
  • There are many experienced real estate firms who are adept at handling the properties of their customers while ensuring good returns for them. Good handling and earnings from Killeen properties makes it an attractive proposition for anyone who wishes to embark upon a new property related venture.
  • The laws of Texas State are largely in favour of the residents and tenants of properties and strive to protect their interests from unscrupulous landlords every step of the way. This makes for a safe legal environment for those who wish to acquire property on rent here.
  • Killeen is a relatively crime free neighbourhood when compared to other areas in Texas and has one of the lowest crime rates in the region. It is a perfect place for children to grow up and for senior citizens to reside without fear. This makes it quite a sought after place for building a home especially for families.

We at John Reider Properties, serve Killeen, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Fort Hood and other areas in Central Texas. For renting, buying, selling and managing commercial properties, please feel free to contact us.

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Harker Heights Real Estate Options

by Administrator 18. January 2011 09:58

Harker Heights has a great number of diverse real estate options for all those looking for property. If you have set your heart and mind on investing in this area, you will benefit greatly from the valuable opinion provided by real estate firms that abound in this area of Texas. Some of the useful pointers that can help you acquire a good property in Harker Heights are:

  • Firstly, before taking any other step you need to gather some information about the kind of market conditions that are prevailing in Harker Heights. You need to find out whether it a buyer dominated market or a seller dominated market. This will help you arrive at a suitable price and time to buy real estate so that you get the best value for your money.
  • Ordinary people may not be well versed with the legal aspects of purchasing real estate. It is advisable to hire the services of a real estate agents and attorney who can help you breeze through complicated law related aspects of property.
  • You should read up on the local real estate features on a regular basis as you may find a good deal in them. If you succeed in finding a good property here, you will not need to spend a lot of time in browsing for other options unnecessarily. You can always take services from Real Estate Agents and Property Management Firms like John Reider Properties to get great deals on Harker Heights Real Estate.
  • Before you approach a possible seller of real estate, you should determine a list of questions that you may have for him/her. It is vital to spend a little time in preparing a list of enquiries that you may have so that you gain proper perspective on the possible homes that may appeal to you. This will help you get a satisfactory deal the benefits of which you will enjoy for a long time.

You should know the amount of time that a house you are intending to buy has been on the market for sale. If the house you are purchasing has been on sale for an abnormally long time, it is wise to remain on guard and try to arrive at a possible reason for this so that you are not cheated in any way.

To know more about real estate options in Harker Heights, Killeen and other surrounding Central Texas areas, visit us at John Reider Properties.

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Investing In Killeen Rental Property

by Administrator 11. January 2011 14:16

Investing in a property to give out on rent in Killeen, Texas can prove to be quite profitable for you in the long run. It is better to rent out a property than to let it stagnate and be left empty as this way your property is constantly generating some sort of revenue for you. However, it is important to not just rush into purchasing a property that you intend to give on rent. You should not make a hasty decision just because you do not wish to live in the property yourself. On the other hand, a well informed decision must be made so that you are sure that you have made the right decision and the rental property does not turn out to be liability for you in future.

Following are some of the tips that you can follow while buying residential properties in Killeen meant for rental:

  • If you do not live in this area and are not really aware of the real estate market trends for residential properties in Texas and more specifically in Killeen, you should take some time to conduct a little research. If you simply do not have the time to conduct the research yourself, you will remain in good stead by hiring a real estate broker like John Reider Properties, who is sure to possess such information.
  • Sometimes, low cost properties may look like a good deal but they should be further examined for functional problems. You may ignore certain areas that require repair as you may feel that you are not the one who will be putting up in the property. However, the repair work in most cases is the duty and responsibility of the landlord and you may have to shell out huge bucks toward this in case your tenants complain of discrepancies later on. It is better to buy a slightly more expensive property that is well furnished and in good condition instead as it helps save money in the long run.
  • You also need to be aware of the kind of neighborhood the property is situated in as this will determine how many buyers would be willing to buy it on resale and the amount of rent it is likely to attract.


We at John Reider Properties provide complete services for property buying/ selling and rentals. For great deals, just call us at: 254-699-8300

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Hiring Property Management Company

by Administrator 13. December 2010 16:19

Managing a property can be a full time job and difficult to handle alone especially if you are a novice in this field. If you are looking to buy or sell a property, you may go by the book and pay a visit to the site in order to make up your mind whether to purchase the said property or not. However, as an amateur, you may not be able to see some of the hidden faults of the property and only an experienced property management firm can reveal these to you so that you can avoid making a huge mistake. It is vital not to make a hurried decision and even if you are a little unsure, you should employ a property management firm to conduct business for you.

If you are looking to rent out your property, property management firms can help you in avoiding a lot of ugliness that may be a part and parcel of dealing with uncooperative tenants. They can help collect timely payments from them and assure you a stress free life. Apart from this, there may also be certain clauses in your rent agreement that you expect your tenant to follow. However, it may be very difficult for you to visit your property from time to time especially if you live in another state altogether. This is where a property management firm can help in a big way. They can conduct surprise checks and send their professionals to inspect the property from time to time in order to see whether the contract is being upheld properly or not. You will be able to get regular reports without even having to visit the premises.

Another great thing about hiring property management firms is that you need not get yourself acquainted with the legal framework governing properties and can completely rely on them to do the needful. In many states like Texas, there are detailed laws that have to be followed while dealing in property along with the maintenance of proper records. A property management firm can help out in this regard and complete all the documents required for buying, selling and renting properties. They also help in securing amazing deals for you as they have high negotiation skills from years of practice.

We at John Reider Properties provide complete services for property buying/ selling and rentals. For great deals, just call us at: 254-699-8300

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Things To Remember While Buying Residential Property In Killeen Texas

by Administrator 29. November 2010 18:36

If you are looking to buy a residential property in the near future, there are certain vital aspects that you must be acquainted with to make the process a simple one. Buying a house can seem quite a complicated and hassling procedure for many as everyone is bound to spend a lot of time looking for that dream house that appeals to the senses apart from fulfilling practical requirements. It is also important to find a property that lies within your budget range and does not require you to take unnecessary loans that are outside your means.

Some of the points to be kept in mind while purchasing a residential property in Texas are:

You must be sure to take a thorough survey of the house and go through all the rooms, the backyard, the attic, etc. so that you know exactly what you are getting into. You must not make hasty decisions and should visit the property at least three times before you take the final call. It is wiser to hire a home inspector to be better able to judge all the flaws that may be present in the property. This way you can negotiate the price and get your chosen house repaired or at a considerably reduced price.

Before you head out to look at possible properties, you should make a list of the things that you will need in your ideal house. This way you will not compromise on a mediocre property and will be motivated to find the perfect place for you and your family. However, it is important not to too rigid and to consider a house if it fulfills at least seventy percent of your criteria. For example, if you are looking for a front garden and instead chance upon a property with a sprawling backyard, you should go in for it and close the deal.

Even if you succeed in finding the perfect house as per your requirements, you should gather more information about the surrounding area before making the purchase. The kind of neighborhood you end up living in greatly influences the quality of your life. The civic and social infrastructure of the locality should be sound with a school, hospital and grocery being close at hand.

If you are looking for a residential property in Killeen, Harker Heights or other areas in Central Texas, please call us at (254) 699-8300. We at John Reider Properties have huge listings for residential properties in Central Texas.

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Harker Heights Real Estate Investment

by Administrator 7. November 2010 17:03

Since the inception time- as a settle American state - Harker Heights always stand against the norms. The culture and history of Harker Heights is blended with Mexican and Native American tradition. Being a Texan city, Harker Heights is a cosmopolitan vibe. The city always carries its own lore, literature, and language. Harker Heights has great natural attractions and being a centre of lot of commercial activities, it has become the most popular real estate investment destination. Owning a home within your budget and needs is not at all a hard job. It is one of the prominent cities of Texas and real estate market is really booming here. As a reason great, number of investors look to this place and its properties as an investment income.

If you have decided to plunge in to the Harker Heights real estate market, it is important to decide first that what type of property or properties you are looking for. This place has wide range of property choices so it is the perfect place to begin your real estate investment. Internet is the best place where you can search for property dealers who are perfect for you. You can get the contact number of them so that you can easily contact with them to know their rate and offers. If you are planning to buy a residential home in Harker Heights, you should speak to the professional real estate agent who can guide you in a best way. Being a commercial real estate market place, Harker Heights provides you many avenues where you can pursue your real estate investment business.

Property value is increasing and this is the golden time to invest in real estate market. Investing in Harker Heights now can help you in gaining considerable profits in times to come. As a buyer you must know the right time of buying a property in Harker Heights and since, this market is the buyer market so you can easily own a property at a reasonable price.

We at John Reider Properties provide buying and selling services to our clients. Please feel free to contact us with your requirement, we have variety of already constructed and under-construction (residential and commercial properties) across Harker Heights. You can contact us at - 254.699.8300

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Killeen Real Estate: A Great Investment Option

by Administrator 19. October 2010 14:10

Killeen, also known as a buddy poppy city is nowadays becoming the most favorable option among the people to make their residence in. The best serving reason for this is the fastest growth of the city. Isn’t Killeen sounding an interesting real estate option to invest in? So, here are some more details to make you better familiar with this city. 

Killeen is a city of approx 100,000 residents, which is situated in Bell County, Texas and is the main centre of attraction in Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood Metropolitan Statistical Area. Killeen is also bordering to Fort Hood, so you are no more far off to the largest Army post in the U.S. Hence, the economy of this city to the maximum relies on the post, the soldiers, and also their families that reside there. Various other businesses have mushroomed up in Killeen and the city is on its way to become one of the economical hubs of Texas.

Killeen is actually surrounded by many famous cities like Fort Hood, Southwest Bell, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove, Kempner, Nolanville, Salado, and Belton. Killeen real estate offers many different types of residential investments like luxury homes, condos, apartments, and homes in golf course community, gated communities, multi unit, townhomes, lots, duplexes, triplexes, and land.

Killeen is one of the best places to invest in Texas as the city has been marked as a destination to provide most affordable housing facility, which is even seen very much below the national median of the country.

Other main attractions of Killeen are stock car racing, Central Texas College, its University, rodeos, various different dining options, numerous shopping and entertainment opportunities, parks and recreation opportunities, various water skiing areas, several pools and slides, boat rentals, picnic sites, Stonetree golf course, Sierra Beach of Belton Lake just at a distance of 20 miles towards the east of Killeen etc. It is really a perfect place to reside with great weather and great housing opportunities.

To know various Real Estate investment options in Killeen, please contact us at 254.699.8300. We at John Reider Properties have huge database for commercial and residential properties up on sale. In case you wish to sell your property, please contact us and we can assist you in getting a buyer for the same.

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Commercial Property Management Services in Killeen Texas

by Administrator 27. September 2010 16:08

When you plan to lease out your commercial property or you wish to get a commercial property on rent, there can be various issues that you may have to face. For property owners, it can be a headache to find the right people to rent out their premises. At the same time, they would like to have a specialist do all the paper work for them. Commercial property seekers want to get the best deals for the best available spaces. This is where services from a Commercial Property Management Company come into play.

There are various services provided by John Reider Properties, pioneers in Property Management Services in Killeen and Harker Heights, Texas. We at John Reider Properties assist our clients in:

  • Marketing their commercial property to prospective tenants.
  • Short listing tenants for commercial property through pre-defined and already proven system.
  • Negotiating lease amount and various terms/conditions with tenants.
  • Lease documentation and associated paper work preparation on behalf of our client.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of commercial property.
  • Financial services including timely rent collection and owner representations at various agencies.

Why do you need a property management company to manage your commercial property?

Well, there are many reasons for the same. A reputed property management company has huge database of people looking for commercial spaces. Based on your criteria, the firm can shortlist various tenants for your property. The property management firm also takes off your tension of doing all the paper work. The firm makes sure all paper work done is in order and in case of any issue, the firm also represents the property owner. Property Management Company also makes sure that rent is collected on time and the property is kept in accordance to lease agreement.

It is important to rope in a reputed Property Management Company that provide specialized services. We at John Reider Properties specialize in commercial lease and property management and there are wide array of services that we undertake. You can stay tension free regarding your property with John Reider Properties Our dedicated and professionally qualified team has wide experience in providing unmatched property management services.

We are located in Harker Heights, Texas and serve areas in and around Harker Heights and Killeen, Central Texas. We not only provide commercial property management services but are also engaged in buying and selling properties. To know more about our commercial property management services, feel free to call us at 254-699-8300 or visit our office at 455E, Central Texas Expressway, Suite No 101, Harker Heights, Texas - 76548

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