10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Property Manager?

by Administrator 22. March 2018 16:48

1. How Long Have You Been Working in Real Estate?

When hiring a property manager, it’s vital that you understand how long he or she has been working in the field. The longer somebody has been in the field, the better chance that he or she is well qualified for the job.

2. What is Your Management History?

In addition to finding out how long a respective manager has been working in the field, you must also inquire about the nature of his or her work. Some property managers are experienced in commercial rentals, while others are experienced in residential rentals. Be sure to hire one that’s experienced in what you need.

3. Do You Have the Appropriate Insurance?

It’s important for property managers to have a few different insurances. These insurances include general liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance.

4. How Many Properties Do You Manage that are Currently Vacant?

A good way to gauge a manager’s quality is by finding out how many properties they currently have vacant. It is important to make sure that properties are being advertised for new renters as soon as a notice is given by the current renter!

5. Are You a Member of Any Relevant Organizations?

Not only should you ensure that your potential property manager is registered with the Better Business Bureau, you should also ensure that he or she is registered with the National Association of Residential Property Managers. The more organizations the company is associated with the better as this speaks to their professionalism, dedication to their work as well as keeping on top of ever changing industry trends.

6. May I See a Sample of Your Lease?

Be sure to take a look at your prospective property manager’s lease before hiring. You want to ensure that it meets all legal codes and regulations and that there are specific addendums where you may have some input into how your home is cared for such as a Special Owner’s Addendum.

7. How Long Does it Take for You to Typically Fill a Rental Vacancy?

Another important question to ask is how long it takes for your potential property manager to typically fill a rental vacancy. Make sure that it’s in close contact with the average vacancy rate of your area.

8. How will you maintain my home?

What is the standard of care that is taken between residents to make sure that your home is always brought back to move in condition? Inspecting rental properties on a regular basis ensures that they don’t fall victim to any costly deterioration. It is also very important to bring the home back to move in condition and 100% clean between each resident in order to maintain the condition of your home.

9. What Do You Charge?

Understand exactly what the prospective manager charges, and what they charge for. Make sure to inquire about any additional fees as well. All fees should be disclosed up front before they begin managing your property.

10. What’s Your Renter Screening Process?

You want to ensure that your property manager is filling vacancies with responsible renters. This is done by performing adequate screening. Make sure that the manager runs thorough background checks on all potential renters. You should ask for a step by step process on how this is done.


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