Factors To Consider Before Taking Commercial Property On Rent

by Administrator 12. May 2018 09:16

Taking commercial property on rent is one of the most important step for your business. The kind of commercial property you choose will determine the extent of success for your business. It is important to consider the rights and obligations you will take on after occupying the premise. Here is a list of some factors that you should consider before finalizing on a commercial property:

  • Length Of The Term: When renting commercial property, it is very important to consider how long you want it for. It is best to start with a shorter term of lease if you are not yet on a strong footing with your business. It is best to seek for flexibility with the lease term so don’t hesitate talking about this with the property owner beforehand.
  • Operating Costs: If you are just starting out, be careful to consider how much you will end up spending in the form of operating costs. Determine a budget that suits you in terms of the operating costs and stick to it.
  • The Size Of The Office Space: The size of the office you are considering to take on rent should be sufficient to cater to the employees with you. It should not be too large as in such a case you will be unnecessarily paying for unused space. Keep in mind the immediate needs of your company when considering the right office space but also keep room for prospects of growth.
  • The Location: When renting commercial property, make sure it is in an accessible location. Strike a balance between the amount you have to pay for the space and its convenience for your target audience. Front facing, ground level offices are apt for cases where interaction with customers is crucial. If your work does not involve direct client dealing, you might as well consider an office in the suburbs.
  • Internet Connectivity: If the nature of your work is internet based, the main consideration when choosing commercial property should be the availability of a stable internet connection.
  • The Layout: Based on the unique requirements of your company, you might have preference for a certain type of layout for your office. If the nature of your work is collaborative in nature, an open office space should be the best option. On the other hand, if the nature of your work is private, a commercial space with enclosed offices might be your best bet.
  • Amenities: If you want your office space to be a blend of work and fun, you will have to consider the provision for amenities such as relaxing zones, fancy washrooms etc. in the property.

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