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So you have made the final and big decision. You’re pulling up limits and moving in. A home relocation usually involves a lot of work; you cannot break free of that. But utilizing the following home relocation checklist and timeline as your guide, your relocation would be as unpainful as possible! 


  • Inventory sheets: Make the list of all the things that are to be transferred.
  • Check out relocation options: You'll be required to conclude if you can do the transferring stuff by yourself or you need the help of a moving company.
  • Request relocation rates: Get moving estimates from as many relocation companies and movers as possible. There can be a big deviation between the prices and services within the moving companies.
  • Toss out unneeded items: Displacing is an incredible time for getting rid of unwanted and waste items. Feature a yard sale or give away unnecessary items to charitable organization.
  • Packing stuffs: Collect moving boxes and packing materials for your journey to another house.
  • Contact insurance companies:  You'll need to contact your insurance agent to cancel/transfer your insurance policy.


  • Get in contact with utility companies: Set utility turnoff date, look for refunds and deposits and inform them of your new house address. 
  • Find all your medical records: Contact your docs, physicians, dentists and other medical specialists who may presently be keeping back any of your family's medical records. Get these records or draw plans for them to be handed over to your new medical facilities. 
  • Observe food stock list levels: Check out your closets, icebox and deep freezer and use much of your perishable food as fairly easy. 
  • Protect jewelry and valuables: Shift jewelry and valuables to lockbox to allow them to not to be lost or stolen during your relocation. 
  • Borrowed and hired items: Refund goods that you may have borrowed or hired. Gather up items that you have given to anyone.


  • Your modification of house address: Don't forget to inform all the concerned authorities about the change of your house address. Also, inform them about your new address. 
  • Bank accounts: Shift or shut down bank and financial accounts. Make it a point to hold a money order for compensating the moving company. 
  • Call off services: Inform any persisting service providers of your relocation. 
  • Begin packing: Start bundling all the things doomed for your new location. 
  • Glance over your furniture Stock list: Make sure that you check out all the furniture to be relocated and also take care of their safety.


  • Design your travel plan: Make plans to stay all day long at the house or at least until the movers are on their way. 
  • Examine the house: Once home is empty, double check the total house to make sure that no items is left behind or no home issues subsist. 
  • Mark the waybill: As soon as you are satisfied with the mover's bundling your items into the motor truck, sign on the bill of lading. Preferably, accompany your mover while the moving truck is weighed. 
  • Abandon your residence: Ensure that all the utilities are off, doorways and windows are locked and alert your real estate agent that you have vacated the property.

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