Property Management Tips For Winter Weather

by Administrator 20. October 2014 11:49

As the days are getting shorter and the mercury is dropping people must prepare their homes for winter. It becomes essential for the landlords and the property managers to manage and upgrade their properties for winter.

During harsh weather, houses are vulnerable to the weather conditions and they should be prepared to face it. Taking timely steps can help you avoid some major issues with your house. Here are some tips on prepping your house for winter.

  • Insulate the exposed pipes: One of the biggest problems that you can face in winters is frozen pipes which can cause damage to your property. The pipes burst when frozen cause flooding and water damage. You can minimize this risk by properly insulating the outside pipe with special materials that are easily available in the market. Replace the pipes if there are any cracks or fissures in the pipes.
  • Clear the gutters: To avoid the chances of frozen pipes and overflows you should clear the gutters timely. Water in the gutter freezes due to debris like leaves and garbage and causes problems.
  • Make sure outside lighting is functional: For the safety of your property and the residents of your house you should make sure that all the outside lights work properly. Often it becomes difficult to spot stairs and any other blockage when it grows dark and slippery. So, lighting is quite essential to avoid any accidents.
  • Service the boiler: To ensure that it is warm and cozy inside during cold weather you should ensure that the boiler is functional and not damaged in any way. It is your legal responsibility to get a latest CORGI certificate. You must call in the professionals to service and repair your boiler before the onset of winters. By making sure that your boiler is working well, you can also avoid freezing of pipes.
  • Maintain property during void period: If you are currently facing a void period, it becomes more important for you to pay attention to the maintenance of your home. You should visit the property regularly or ask your property manager to timely inspect the house. You should open the doors and windows for proper ventilation in the house as this will allow a lot of sunlight in the house. Also, make sure you turn on the heating system regularly so that the pipes do not freeze.
  • Check the electrical fittings: Regularly check the fuse box so that no fuses are tripped. Make sure you use adapter plugs for the safety of your house.
  • Use weather strip tape: To ensure that the heat does not escape you can use weather strip tape on your windows and doors. This in turn will help you save on your energy bills.

These tips will help you make your property safe and damage free in winter season. If you find it difficult to do the inspections and repairs on your own you should hire professional property management firm.

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