There can be numerous reasons for selling commercial property including change of location, cashing out the commercial investment, retiring from an old business and other factors. When selling a commercial property, the most important considerations are the time it takes to sell and the price one fetches.

Following are some tips for selling a commercial property efficiently and at a fair price:

  • Preparation: The first step towards preparing to sell a commercial property is to gather the necessary documents required by your real estate agent or the buyer. Important documents that may be required are title deed copy, permits for alterations on the commercial site, previous lease copies, stamp duty, land tax, utility bills and more.
  • Choose The Right Agent: Hire a professional to assist you with selling the property. Real estate agents have years of experience in the field and can be of immense value in managing the sales process. Look for an agent who has knowledge about the latest marketing technology, a strong presence in the community, good negotiation skills and so on.
  • Boost Curb Appeal: Pay attention to how your property looks from outside to make it appealing for onlookers and potential clients. Some things you can do to improve your property’s curb appeal are landscaping, power washing, painting, fixing the parking lot, fixing broken light fixtures, windows, etc.
  • Spruce Up The Interiors: Potential clients will visit your property to see its interior condition. Use this as an opportunity to impress them by keeping the interiors clean and well-maintained. Make it a point to clean the floors and carpets, ensure proper ventilation, de-clutter, etc.
  • Hire A Staging Professional: Impress potential clients by making the commercial space look great. For this you may have to hire a professional real estate company to stage the property with impressive furniture, items of decor, indoor plants and so on.
  • Right Pricing: Formulate a pricing strategy based on the value of comparable properties. Enquire about similar properties that were recently sold. Pay attention to the location, amenities and selling price of such properties, etc. Assistance from a professional can be invaluable for doing price research in a locality.
  • Marketing: The way in which any property is marketed plays a huge role in successfully selling it. First and foremost, the property should be clearly branded as “Property For Sale”. Thereafter, it should be thoroughly advertized. You may seek assistance from a professional real estate agent for ensuring proper marketing strategy.

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